3rd annual African Wardrobe Festival announcement 2018 Festival announcement

Monday December 4, 2017 Dear fans and festival goers: Your support and enthusiasm toward the African Wardrobe Festival have been our reasons for existing. During though times, the interest that you all have shown toward the festival has helped us to persevere to organize the festival year over year. However during this year 2017, we have run into some temporary roadblocks that prevented the third annual African Wardrobe Festival to take place. The African Wardrobe Festival exists thanks to a small group of dedicated staff, volunteers and friends. This small group was scattered during the year 2017 and ultimately led to a lack of internal support of the festival. We have taken this time to restructure the focus, goals, direction and tasks at the African Wardrobe Festival. This will allow us to better prepare for the third annual African Wardrobe Festival so that indeed the third time is a charm. Consistent with our mission to bridge cultural gaps, we intend to hold the third annual African Wardrobe Festival in Haiti. As the first independent Black Republic during a time when liberation and revolution propaganda were unpopular, Haiti showed and reminded to the world that certain rights are unalienable. Among these rights are life, liberty and property. We are projecting to hold the festival during the summer of 2018. As we prepare for the third annual festival, we invite you to take this brief SURVEY about your relationship to both the festival and to Haiti. We further invite you to communicate with us via our social media sites or by e-mail at info@AfricanWardrobeFestival.org See you all in Haiti at the third annual African Wardrobe Festival! With Love, Jaury M. Jean-Enard, Creative Director and Founder African Wardrobe Festival, Inc.