365ink #289 April 20–May 3, 2017 - Page 6

Events  SHARING HOPE: SILK AND STORIES PROJECT SATURDAY, APRIL 22 12:30–3 PM @ DUBUQUE COMMUNITY YMCA/YWCA (35 N BOOTH ST) The goal of the Silk and Stories project is to make people aware of the invisible crime of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and of the challenges that survivors and victims of Intimate Partner Violence face on a daily basis. In addition, participants can feel a sense of accomplishment and a safe place to make art and share their stories related to IPV. These stories might offer hope and help to other people who are currently hiding in the shadows of IPV. Mothers and daughters are encouraged to register together. Sponsored by The University of Iowa, Office of Outreach and Engagement, The Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies Department and the Belin- Blank Honors Center and the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. To reserve your spot, contact Tonya Millard at 563-556-3371 or email tmillard@dubuquey.org. n TUESDAY, APRIL 25 ACES & New Music Concert 7:30 PM @ CLARKE JANSEN HALL The Clarke University Advanced Chamber Ensem- bles (ACES) present a concert of new music. Free. 1550 Clarke Dr. Clarke.edu/artsatclarke. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 Salsa Dance Night—Baile Conmigo 6–7 PM @ THE SMOKESTACK Enjoy a free salsa dance lesson with the incred- ible Katie Koerperich, then dance into the eve- ning. Free. 62 E 7 th St. SmokestackDBQ.com. THURSDAY, APRIL 27 Presentation Sisters and Associates Benefit Garage Sale & Bake Sale 7 AM @ THE SISTERS OF THE PRESENTATION & ASSOCIATES April 27 and May 4 at 7 a.m. and April 28–29 and May 5–6 at 8 a.m. Find is a wide selection of household items, clothing, toys, furniture, plants, a bake sale and much more. All proceeds from the sale will assist ministries and charities of the Presentation Sisters. 2360 Carter Rd. DUBUQUE FIGHTING SAINTS HOCKEY MONDAY, APRIL 24 If needed, the fifth game will be back on home ice on Monday, April 24. The Fighting Saints are looking forward to continuing the push to bring the Clark Cup back to Dubuque! For more information, call the box office at 563-583-6880 or visit DubuqueFightingSaints.com. n 6  Events 365INK MAGAZINE April 20–May 3, 2017 Issue #289 Feminist Book Group: “Juliet Takes a Breath” 6:30 PM @ THE SMOKESTACK Read and be empowered with the Femi- nist Book Group. Join as they discuss Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera. Free. 62 E 7 th St. RiverLights.com. After the Thin Man 7 PM @ GALENA CFA (GALENA, IL) April 27–29 at 7 p.m. and April 30 at 2 p.m. The Galena Center for t R'G2&W6VG2BFP&Fח7FW'&6VBFRw&Fw2bF6VWGBFR&BG&涖r&fFRFWFV7FfP66&W2B2vVFV&W72vfR&W7BV6fW"W&FW"g&76'FVB`VFR7W7V7G2#7V֗B7BvVss#B#cvV6VFW$f%FT'G26ख7&rVR6W&W3GR&&~( 3R5$R4l8FW6RFǒ&W6VFF2&RffW&V@2f&BFFRW6vW2f"FPVֆV'FVBB7W&W2V&&WBG^( 0ƖfR7F'fFrW"FV6W"Bv2FBrFfBW&fV7B&6R&@6Ɩ6GW"6WƗfW2g&VRSRv6ЦwF7BSc2S2Ӄ337&R6fR6VFW"֖Ʋv@s34$RDU$T4RDtRsRՕ5DTR4TE4R4TDU"Dԕ$4TTE"FRGV'WVRfvFr6G2V@FFRU46&7Wfg0f"FRrF66V7WFfR6V6FR6G2FRFRW6VvV&W&62FRV7FW&6fW"ЦV6R6V֖f2&W7BbffR6W&W2FR6G2vFRf'7BGvvW0B&RFR&Bf"FRWBGvFR&6FVRgVG&6W"f"fW VG2fVFF&Vv7FW"Gf6RC3Sc2SSrs#"fW&VG2&rV7&rf66&VPS3dU"TE0FRfW"VG2vV( 2fVw6fFW0RFVVvBWfVrWfVBFRWfVp667G2bFRf66rFR7F&0w&WW6RfvVBvFfVǒ&6W@FW"BG&2F7W&RBG&VG2v&#~( 3#Bs3B&3B"66VB'&F"fFW2FRVFV6RFƗ7FVFFRG&V2BW&7BFVvG2`FR&FG2bFRf7F6vV6f6ЦrfvR&VvwV"FW"FRFvvV0Bv&RrbrFV"fVVƖw2ffV7@vFWfW"FWFFWv&WBFV"Fǐ'W6W72CGVG3Cr6V'3CR7GVFVG2SS6&RG"6&RVGR'G6F6&RET%UTS3cR4