365ink #289 April 20–May 3, 2017 - Page 34

Columnists  CHAD’S PIZZA AND RESTAURANT BY RICH BELMONT The USDA My Plate Nutrition Guide went into effect June 2, 2011. It is divided into five basic food groups: Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, Protein and Dairy. (ChooseMyPlate.gov) Some of my friends believe there should be three additional food groups on that plate. They are Pizza, Broasted Chicken and Hamburgers. And they insist one of the best places to get all three of these groups is at Chad’s Pizza and Restaurant in Dyersville, IA. Actually, this establishment was severing good pizza, fried chicken and hamburgers long before it was called Chad’s Pizza. Leroy Ott opened Leroy’s Pizza in 1978 and operated it for 21 years with his wife Duanne. In 1999 Leroy was fatally injured in a car accident so Duanne continued to run the restaurant by herself for a few more years. After she remarried, Duanne Ott Thiel sold the pizzeria to Chad and Amy Clouse. She not only sold the business to Chad but also all of Leroy’s cherished recipes and his coveted pizza oven. More importantly Duanne continued to mentor Chad as he learned the business and introduced many new ideas. For as long as he could remember Chad loved pizza and dreamed of one day owning a pizzeria. When he was young he used to have pizza all the time from Leroy’s Pizza. When he was older he and his sister both worked in a pizza place and Chad discovered pizza was his passion. When Duanne decided to sell her pizzeria Chad seized the opportunity and turned Leroy’s into Chad’s Pizza and Restaurant. Chad is a passionate man. You can see his devotion and love for his business the first time you visit. He is almost always in the kitchen standing in front of his oven. His enthusiasm extends to everything he does and his appreciation for his customers is full on display. Look at the cover of his menu. It has depiction of a baseball on it which is an acknowledgement of all his loyal local patrons and of the customers he has acquired from the nearby Field of Dreams and the development of All-Star Ballpark Heaven. Even his logo is a display of affection for his favorite music group. The typestyle and lightning bolt are borrowed from the logo of AC/DC Australian Rock Band! Chad’s Pizza is in a word: excellent! I asked him to explain to me why it is so good besides the fact he is an avowed pizza enthusiast. Here are his reasons: 1. First of all, all the ingredients are fresh. Fresh vegetables are all diced as needed. 2. Only Cortona mozzarella cheese is used. It is shredded on the premises. 3. The pizza dough is made in the kitchen. 4. So is the tomato sauce. About 12 gallons of sauce is used per day. 5. Crumbled pork sausage is made according to his own personal, proprietary recipe. The sausage is made in 1800 pound batches. 6. All the toppings and sauce are spread to the very edge of the crust. He insures the toppings are evenly spread out on the pizza so every bite has some of each ingredient in it. 7. And most importantly the pizzas a ɔ)ݕ͕ͽٕ%Ё́IѼ ɍ)A鄁=ٕɍ͕1ɽ=Ёܸ)Q́́ɕٕ́ɕݹȁ)ٕ́䁥ѡ͔́Ёѕ.i)Q鄁́مٔѕȁ́ͥ+$5L+$ML+$5մL+$1ɝL+$)յL)eԁɑȁȁ鄁ѽեЁ䁍ͥ)ɽЁͥѕѽ́́ѕɕ)и=ȁԁɑȁѡ̸)QЁձȁ́ éMݥѠ)ɽ͡ͅͅɽ̰) ́ɕ̸)Q!ݭ唁A鄁́ЁݥѠ̸́%Ё́)ݥѠͅͅɽ ɕ)́ɥȁ͕ٕ́)х͡ѡUٕͥ䁽%݄ a̸)QÁɔͼɕЁ%ԁɅٔѡ)ѥх́鄁ѡ͔́́ݥ)ȁٽɥѕQQMɕȁ Q)5䁱́ѡȁȁٔ é! )ٕɕѼѡQ͔ɔѡͅɕЁ́Ёɔ)ͼѡЁѡ䁅ɔѡЁٕ)͕ͽ鄁̸]ԁЁѡ)ԁЁ͠ѡȁݸٕѡ)хєѡݽձԁєѡѡɕхɅи(ۊ յϊ %9,5i%9 ɥÊM5̰ߊ %Ք )Q ɽѕ ́х ́)Ѐ԰ե ɽѕȁ 1͕)QɅɬ=Ʌѽ́ѡݡUMQ́́)Ё䁍́ ɽѕȁ́፱ٕͥ䁉Ёͼ)͕́ ɽѕȁѕ͕́ͽ́)ɵձѕȁ͔ɽѕ̸ո%Ёѡ) ɽѕȁ 䁍ѡɥ́ɕɔ)ȁȁѼɽͽȸAɕɔ)她͕́ɔѡéɅٽ́)͕́ЁɔѡɕձѥՍեȁ)ݥѡЁ䁽хѕ̤)=ٕȁ͕ٕɅ٥ͥ́$)ѥ䁍ѽ)ѥѥ̸Q䁅)ոѡ́Ѽ)ݡ݅ѥ)ȸQЁձ)ѥȁ́ѡ)ѥѕ䁍)ѡɉ ͭи%Ё́)مЁͽѵЁ=)Ḭ5չ聵ɔ)ɕѥఁ ) ̰5Q̰ ɕ5͡ɽ̰)յ5)Mѥ ɕAM̸=ѡ)хѥ́ɔ Mɥ̰) ͔ ɕ!Ё]́ѡЁɔɥѕ)ѕɽɥх!ЁMՍ) ͕ٕٕ́)䁅ѡɔɔݼ)ͽ̸M)ᅵ́ɔɽչ) 9 )9MAхѼ) ɽ ͔) I)ȁЁѕ́́݅́ͅQ)ɕЁԁ́ͥɜՍͅɥ̸Q) Ḿ͕ٕݥѠѡȁɥȁ չ)ɥ QQɽ չ х)ɕ̰ѽѽ̰ɕ̰ɽѽ)ɕ͔QMḾٽɥє)䁱兰ɽ̸%Ё́ݥѠɅ̰)ѽѽ̰ɕ̰ɥ͔ɽѽ̸) ɽѕ ͕́݅́ȁЁ e̸!ɗéݡ)!Ё́ɔɥѕȀЁ́ѡѕ)ݥѠѕȁɑѼ1ɽ=ӊe)ͽɕQѡ䁅ɔɽѕѼɥ䁙͠)U UEUԹ =4