365ink #289 April 20–May 3, 2017 - Page 30

nIGHtLIFE  BUDWEIsER LIvE MUsIC FEAtUREs FRIDAY, APRIL 21 the Right now 10 PM @ THE LIFT (180 MAIN ST) Michael Charles 8 PM @ THE BLU ROOM (600 CENTRAL AVE) Australia-based, eight time Grammy-elected artist Michael Charles was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2015. He has performed with blues greats and toured with legend Jimmy Dawkins. recorded in a cathartic, week-long session in los Angeles with producer sergio rios (Orgone), Gets Over You takes the Chicago septet’s soulful sound to the warm, crackling world of analog tape and vintage instruments. sUnDAY, APRIL 23 Medicinal Purposes CD Release Zeta June 10 PM @ THE LIFT (180 MAIN ST) the goal of Zeta June is to deliver music to the masses that people can relate to. Zeta June brings great musicianship through catchy melodies and an impressive sense of improvisation skills. sAtURDAY, APRIL 22 7 PM @ THE LIFT (180 MAIN ST) pearl Olson and scott Guthrie celebrate their third year together as Medicinal purposes with the release of their fi rst record, That’s What I’m Talking About.” recorded with nine-time Grammy nominated producer, John Jacob (small treasures studio), the music is a well-dosed blend of 13 original Americana and Alt-Country tunes. the celebration also features worldwide wonder radoslav lorković on keys and squeeze. FRIDAY, APRIL 28 the Blues Party Band 8 PM @ THE BLU ROOM (600 CENTRAL AVE) the new band is comprised of long time members of the Madison scene. As a member of the Mudangels, Kenny was a MAMA award winner for 2008 Blues artist of the year. tony and Doug are both former members of long time faves Floyd & the void. Concreteslim 8 PM @ FLATTED FIFTH BLUES & BBQ (300 POTTER DR, BELLEVUE, IA) Concreteslim bridges the gaps between the intimacy of folk and the melodies of Americana. For over 40 years, his music has come from a very special and personal place; from a need to share feelings, hopes, dreams and passion, in the tradition of the greatest storyteller. Lauren Mitchell Band 8 PM @ FLATTED FIFTH BLUES & BBQ 32  niGHtliFE 365INK MAGAZINE April 20–MAy 3, 2017 issuE #289 (300 POTTER DR, BELLEVUE, IA) Barefoot Wonder “i miss Etta a little less when i hear lauren sing,” says Josh sklair, Grammy award winner, producer and guitarist for Etta James. Having a musical family and singing since child- hood gives Florida’s lauren Mitchell a solid foundation for the blues and soul, and being compared with Etta James is no small task. 10 PM @ THE LIFT (180 MAIN ST) With almost a century of musical experi- ence between them, t Bruce Bowers and ric Gillman bring a wide variety of fl avors to the table. From Doc Watson guitar picking, to blazing led Zeppelin electric violin, it’s a banquet every night. DUBUQUE365.COM