365ink #289 April 20–May 3, 2017 - Page 22

Mac & Cheese Fest May 4 @ Grand River Center A beautiful new festival for Dubuque to sooth the cheese lover in you! Foodies and Craft Beer Lovers unite to taste more than 20 varieties of Mac & Cheese paired with over 50 craft beers. 5-8 PM. Supporting Rauen Family Foundation & JDRF. Music by Unicorn Fist. 5-6 VIP ($55 Adv.), 6-8 General Admission ($35 Adv. / $45 Door). This will sell out. Get your tix now! macand- cheesefestdbq.com. Vintage Torque Fest May 5-6 @ Dubuque County Fairgrounds A celebration of original hot rod culture from the golden age (pre-1965) as well as pre-1975 motor- cycles, choppers, and bobbers. Chain-racers, drag racing and dirt track laps. Plus, live rockabilly and punk “kustom kulture” artwork, swap meet, a model-building contest for kids and a vintage pinup contest. Visit VintageTorqueFest.com. Cinco de Mayo May 5 @ Carlos O’ Kelly’s Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with a Pirate over 50 (5-7 PM) and Unicorn Fist (7:30-10 PM) under the big tent at Carlos O’Kelly’s. Free admission with great food and drinks specials available plus tons of prize giveaways. DBQ Harley Davidson Bike Nights May 11, June 8, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14 @ Dubuque Harley Davidson On the second Thursday of every month, May–August (145 N. Crescent Ridge Rd.), out- door parties feature grilled grub from Catfish Charlie’s, cold beer and your chance to register to win a brand new 2017 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle (on Sept 14). Live Music: May 11: Lane Higgins, June 8: 3 on the Tree, July 13: The Lovedogs, August 10: Soldout War, Sept. 14: The RubyBlonde Band. Dubuque365 Lunchtime Jams Fridays: May 12–September 2 @ Town Clock Plaza Hosted by your own 365 crew and local sponsor Prudential Financial, Lunchtime Jams feature laid back lunchtime performances by local acoustic musicians in Town Clock Plaza every Friday around lunchtime (Noon-1 PM, weather permitting). Gary’s Graffiti Nights Thursdays, starting May 18 2017 Location TBA 200-300 classic cars converge with food, drinks and additional entertainment every Thursday, 4-9 PM. It has traditionall been in East Dubuque but that may now change, Stay tuned! DubuqueFest Fine Arts Festival May 19–21 @ Washington Park & Town Clock Plaza The longest running fine arts festival in Iowa, Dubuque- Fest Fine Arts Festival celebrates its 40th year in 2017. The free all arts festival, brought to you by the Dubuque County Fine Arts Society, features an Art Fair in Washington Park, live entertainment at the Town Clock and Gazebo, a reading and release by Writers Guild, hands on art for all ages, and much more. Live Music - Friday: Ballyheigue, Dubuque Fire Pipes & Drums, StellaRoma and Parranderos. Saturday: Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, Lexi Parr & the Rubyblonde Band, Driftless Sisters, GGOOLLDD. Kickoff to Summer May 26 @ Town Clock Plaza Sponsored by Budweiser, the Diamond Jo Casino and more, Kickoff to Summer brings more party rock than the Town Clock stage will see all summer (or at least until Summer’s Last Blast!). Always on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend from 5 PM - 12 AM, this year’s party line-up includes Unicorn Fist, Menace and the Spazmatics. Free admission. Food and beverages available. Blueberry Jam Music Festival May 28-29 @ Sandy Hook Tavern, WI The Sandy Hook hosts a party to keep the Memorial Day Weekend going with live music outdoors from The Magnetos, Flash In A Pan, Old Soul Society, S.S. Web, The Native Howl, The Devil’s Cut, St. Christopher Webster, and Boogie Monster (Inside) on Sunday, and Denny Garcia, Playground of Sound and The Brews Brothers on Monday. Admission is just $20 for both days. Gates @2 PM each day. A portion of the proceeds benefit Four Mounds and Key City Creative Center. Back Waters Stage Summer Concert Series tethered rides, a car show, live music, activities for the whole family, and a Friday night Alefest which features over 100 of the finest craft beer styles. On Saturday night, partake in Wine Flights featuring nearly 100 wines. Visit GreatGalena- BalloonRace.com. A host of summer music events will call the Back Waters Stage home (itwill stay up all Summer. Q Casino’s own series features country start Montgomery Gentry on June 2, Canadian Rockers Theory of a Deadman on June 27, 5x Platinum artist Aaron Lewis on July 1, ‘80s Rockers Skid Row on July 15 and classic rock legends 38 Special on August 18, all presented by American Trust. Visit Qcasino.com. Miles Neilsen in the Courtyard presented by American Trust June 2, June 27, July 1, July 15, Aug. 18 @ Q Casino Music in the Gardens Sundays: June 4–August 27 @ Dubuque Arboretum A free summer concert series offers a wide variety of family-friendly music in the beautiful surround- ings of Dubuque’s Arboretum @ 6:30 PM. Presented by the Dubuque Arboretum or The Arts Council. Bring lawn chairs or blankets and your own picnic and refreshments! June 4 - Sam & the Others, June 11 - Smith Jazz Studio, June 18 - Hunter Fuerste and His American Vintage Orchestra June 25 - Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, July 2 - Switchback, July 9 - Bob Dorr & the Blue Band, July 16 - Barrel House String Band, July 23 - The Dang-Its, July 30 - Kids from Wisconsin, Aug 6 - Barefoot Becky & The Ivanhoe Dutchman, Aug 13 - Endless Summer, Aug 20 - Ralph Kluseman, Johnnie Walker and Friend - August 20, Aug 27 - Dogs on Skis. America’s River Festival June 8–10 @ Port of Dubuque Dubuque’s hottest place to be returns with loads of live music, food and fun. Thank-You Thursday is a free night of music featuring Brandon Lay and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Friday’s country headliners include William Michael Morgan, Tucker Beathard, and Old Dominion. Saturday brings classic rock from The Little River Band, The Guess Who and Styx. Saturday also features “The Tappening” regional craft beer event from Noon - 4 PM. Visit AmericasRiverFestival.com. 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