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COvER stORY  LIvE MUsIC & EntERtAInMEnt sCHEDULE Torque Fest 2017 features three stages of live music and entertainment, showcasing a range of rockabilly, roots Americana, blues, honky tonk, garage rock, surf, and good ol’ rock-n-roll. PHOTO: MIKE IRONSIDE sHOW & tRACK EvEnts sCHEDULE Vintage Torque Fest celebrates a full weekend of hot rod culture beginning Thursday, May 4 and con- tinuing through Saturday, May 6. There’s a lot to see tHURsDAY, MAY 4 May the Fourth (torque?) be with you! the pre-party parade will kick off the torque Fest weekend with a clas- sic car cruise from the port of Dubuque into downtown and down Main street. Open to all hot rods, classics and even new American muscle cars, staging for the parade will begin at 5:00 p.m. at the McGraw-Hill parking lot with parade cruising into downtown about 6 p.m. the parade route will cross the 3 rd street Bridge to locust, turn back towards Main at 9 th street and follow Main back to 3 rd street. (For more details, visit vintagetorquefest.com.) FRIDAY, MAY 5 11:00 AM and do so check out the schedule and plan accord- ingly. It should be noted that all times are approxi- mate. See the live music schedule for stage times. 7:45 pM 9:30 pM stage 2 Royal son of a Guns – rockabilly 6:15 PM stage 2 the Alder Kings – surf 8:45 PM stage 2 Matthew James & the Rust Belt Union – junk rock 10:00 PM stage 2 Mean Mother – Detroit rock-n-roll 11:15 PM 3 On the tree – rockabilly stage 2 10:30 AM stage 1 Miss torque Fest Pinup Contest 11:00 AM stage 2 surf Zombies – Iowa instrumental surf legends 11:15 AM stage 3 shorty Jetson & His Racketeers – rockabilly 11:30 AM stage 1 Big sadie – roots/Americana 12:15 PM stage 1 Jinx Jones – rockabilly, jazz, & twang Flame throwing cars and motorcycles at the bottom of the Grandstand. sAtURDAY, MAY 6 8:00 AM OpEn tO puBliC/Hot rod parking – registered Cars are allowed to park inside the fairgrounds. 9:00 AM tuff Mudder Mini: Mini Bikes get down-n- dirty in the Fairgrounds back forty. 9:30 AM Flat track Motorcycles practice 10:15 AM vintage Mini Bike & Go Kart Exhibition on the track staging: Cars are allowed to stage in the front parking area. Drivers Meeting for Cruise (to potosi Brewery): Meet at stage 1 5:00 PM sAtURDAY, MAY 6 Chain racing: Front car has no brakes, only gas – chained to car behind that has no engine, only brakes! 12:30 PM stage 2 the Royal Hounds – rockabilly 12:45 PM stage 3 Johnny & the Apple stompers – Americana 1:30 PM stage 1 Palomino shakedown – country soul rock Group photo: post pinup contest group photo for anyone in vintage attire. 2:00 PM stage 2 the suicide shifters – rockabilly 12:00 pM Open to public 1:00 pM FRIDAY, MAY 5 10:30 a.m pinup Contest (stage 1) Backroads Country Cruise: to potosi Brewery and back. 11:20 AM 1:30 pM Mini Mayhem: Mini Bikes allowed on the dirt track. 11:30 AM Dirt track Exhibition – Owner showcase 2:00 PM stage 3 Big sadie – roots/Americana 2:00 pM Exhibition laps: individual cars or up to 8 car club cars can take laps on the track. 11:45 pM Dirty Drags (Hot rod Class): staging in the infi eld 4:00 PM stage 1 the Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band – rock 12:15 pM Dirty Drags (Hot rod Class) 3:00 pM Flat track Mn Motorcycle Exhibition: vintage Flat track Motorcycles 5:00 PM stage 2 Car Club Picks & Awards 1:00 pM vintage Flat track Cycles 5:30 PM stage 2 the Elixirs – rockabilly 3:00 pM Art Auction / Adopted Family presenta- tion, Building B: bid on original art and learn more about the heart of torque Fest. 6:45 PM stage 2 Rodney & the Regulars – Americana 1:30 pM 3:45 pM Dirty Drags (Open Class) stag- ing begins: On the track infi eld. 4:30 pM Dirty Drags Drivers Meeting 5:30 pM Dirty Drags Open Class: (1972 and older cars and trucks) 4:30 pM silent Auction Ends: last chance to bid on one-of-a-kind original art. 8:00 PM stage 2 Whiskey of the Damned – Celtic Rock 5:30 pM Midwest Jalopies Heat laps 9:15 PM stage 2 the Delta Bombers – high energy rockabilly 6:00 pM vendors close 10:30 PM stage 2 DUBUQUE365.COM Mothership – heavy blues issuE #289 April 20–MAy 3, 2017 365INK MAGAZINE COvEr stOry  19