365ink #289 April 20–May 3, 2017 - Page 18

HOt RODs, PIn UPs, MUsIC & ARt MAY 5–6 DUBUQUE COUntY FAIRGROUnDs (14569 OLD HWY RD) stORY BY MIKE IROnsIDE PHOtOs BY stEvEn sCHLEUnInG Imagine the scene: two hot rods on a dirt road, side by side, revving their well-tuned engines in anticipation of a drag race to finally settle the question of who has the fastest car in the county. the climactic scene of a 1950s “rebel” movie? Maybe. But this will be the reality at this year’s vintage torque Fest. Ladies and gentlemen, greasers, gearheads, and pinup beauties, vintage torque Fest presents: Dirty Drags. “I guess it was maybe six or seven years ago, this buddy of mine in Indianapolis, he said that we need to have drag racing at our show and it needs to be on the grass or something diff erent,” explains Vintage Torque Fest organizer John Wells. “Insurance wouldn’t allow us to do it—I looked into it. So this year, we’re able to work with the Fairgrounds and so we’re going to use the front str