365ink #289 April 20–May 3, 2017 - Page 12

Events  CARLOS O’KELLY’S OUTDOOR CINCO DE MAYO PARTY FRIDAY, MAY 5 5–10 PM @ CARLOS O’KELLY’S (1355 ASSOCIATES DR) The outdoor Cinco De Mayo Party returns to Carlos O’Kelly’s, bigger and better than ever, featuring live music by A Pirate Over 50 and Unicorn Fist as well as amazing contests and drawings all night long including a trip for four to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs. Other prizes include overnight hotel packages and much more. Listen to Y105 to qualify for the 3 rd Annual 99 Bottles of Corona prize giveaway sponsored by Acccesorize Me and Mindframe Theaters. Ninety- nine people will get to choose their bottle of Corona, each one containing a prize. People will also qualify at the event. All 99 bottles will contain prizes. Check in for the contestants will be from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. They will choose their bottles starting at 7:30 p.m. Live music under the tent starts at 5 p.m. with A Pirate Over 50, who naturally brings a repertoire heav- ily laden with classic Jimmy Buffet favorites. Then at 8 p.m., Unicorn Fist takes the stage featuring some familiar faces from the 365ink Magazine roster (Bryce and Kristina) doing awesome rock and pop-synth hits from the ‘80s plus some brand new favorites the kids today will even know, all sung in Spanish (okay, no not really… just one). Drink specials include $5 Jumbo Margaritas and $2.50 Bud, Bud Light, Corona and Corona Light bottles. Great Carlos O’Kelly’s food will naturally be available for purchase, too, or go inside for dinner and come back out and party! Cinco 5弁́9=P)Ʌѥ5᥍%)䁅́䁉ٔЁѡ́а)ԁɅєȁ)ɽݥѕȄ)5%-)A=M9H)9Q!19Id5%-A=M9H 9)I%d5d(A4U9%YIM%Qd=U UEU)!I%Q 9QHԁ 99QPMP)5ձѥѥմͥȁͽɥѕ)5A͹ˊéЁմā5ѕ)ѼQՑ ɐ!Ѐ)ͥ̃q ȁѡ5tqA͔)eЁt%ذ͕́ձ)ѠմЁ9аѕ)Ё9ȁѡ ɐQ)ՑѡՉեѽ́Iɑ)%ͽѥɥɥ)ѥմ͵͠q$QA%鄻t)Qܵͥq ́eԁɔt)Օɔѡɕ̸)A͹ȁ́əɵQQ)M܁Mхɥ) )1є9ЁݥѠMѠ5̰) ɯé9܁eˊéIdٔ)!éͼͽ՝ЁѕȁѵȁݥѠ)͵́͡5ɽ׊ẽqM՝ȳt)ѥ(ˊ ٕϊ %9,5i%9 ɥÊM5̰ߊ %Ք ) ˊẽq ɥt1ɥѠи)Mẽq Ѡeȁ ѥհt)Q́ȁձ䰁хյ)UՑ́ɔѥ)ȁѡɅՉɔQ)ɍ͕Ёѡɉȁ )=5ѡɽ՝ɥ䁙ɽ(ѼԁЁ!ɥх )ѕ쁉Ѐ̴ԵM!=\쁽)ЁĹԽɥхѕȸ)Aٕ)䁅丁 ɕԁչ)Ё䁅ձи)U UEUԹ =4