245 - Okemos Public Schools v1 - Page 7

7 c. Locations and times of all required practices, bus departures, scrimmages and contests. d.  Conditions  that  result  in  the  denial  of  your  child’s  participation. 2. Communication that a coach should expect from parents. a. Personal notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance. b. Special concerns that involve your child expressed directly to the coach at an appropriate time. 3. Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches. a.  Concerns  about  your  child’s  educational  progress  as  related  to  athletic  participation. b. Ways to help your child improve. c.  Concerns  about  your  child’s  behavior,  on  and  off  the  field  or  court. d. The treatment of your child, mentally and physically. 4. Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches. a. Playing time. b. Team strategy. c. Play calling. d. Other student-athletes. 5. Procedure for parent-coach discussions. a. Call the coach to set up an appointment. All coaches may be reached through the athletic office by calling 517-706-4933. If the coach cannot be immediately contacted, a message will be delivered and your phone call will be returned in a timely fashion. b. Please do not attempt to confront a coach just prior to, during or immediately after a contest or practice session. These are emotional and stressful times for the parent, athlete, coach and team. Confrontations of this nature do not promote healthy resolutions. 6. Procedure for unsatisfactory parent-coach discussions. a.  If  after  meeting  with  the  coach  of  your  child’s  team,  you  still  have  unresolved  concerns,   call and set up an appointment with the athletic director to further discuss the situation. (517-706-4933) b. At this meeting the appropriate responses to all concerns can be determined. As your daughter and/or son become actively involved in the athletic programs at Okemos High School, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives. They will also undergo some of the most d