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4 7. UNDUE INFLUENCE - The use of undue influence by any person directly or indirectly associated with a school to secure or encourage the attendance of a student for athletic purposes, shall cause the student to become ineligible for a minimum of one semester. 8. LIMITED TEAM MEMBERSHIP - After practicing with or participating with high school teams, students cannot participate in any athletic competition not sponsored by his or her school in the same sport during the same season. Exceptions include ice hockey and all individual sports which apply the rule  from  the  point  of  a  student’s  first  participation  in   a contest or scrimmage, rather than practice. Students in individual sports may participate in a maximum of two (2) non-school individual meets or contests during the school season while not representing their school. 9. ALL-STAR COMPETITION - Students shall not compete at any time in any sport under MHSAA jurisdiction in all-star contests or national championships regardless of the method of selection. Participation in such a contest shall cause that student to become ineligible for a maximum period of one year of school enrollment. 10. AWARDS AND AMATEURISM - Students cannot receive money or other valuable consideration for participating in MHSAA sponsored sports or officiating in interscholastic athletic contests, except as allowed by the HANDBOOK. Students may accept, for participation in MHSAA sponsored sports, a symbolic or merchandise award which does not have a value over $25. Banquets, luncheons, dinners, trips and admissions to camps or events,   are   permitted   if   accepted   “in   kind.”     Awards   in   the   form   of   cash,   merchandise,   certificates, or any other negotiable document are never allowed. Note: Consult the MHSAA HANDBOOK for detailed regulations and/or interpretations IV. Okemos Requirements for Participation The following are requirements that shall be completed prior to full participation on any Okemos athletic team: A. Physical examination A yearly physical examination is required. THE PHYSICAL CARD MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE PHYSICIAN AND SUBMITTED TO THE COACH PRIOR TO ANY FORM OF PARTICIPATION. The physical covers all sports for the entire school year provided the examination occurred after April 15 of the previous school year. The form will be kept on file in the athletic office. B. Understanding Concussions – See Appendix IX C. Athletic Registration Fee Due to budgetary constraints, the Okemos School Board has directed the Athletic Department at Okemos High School and Chippewa Middle Schools to assess a “Registration   Fee”   for   student-athletes participation in all interscholastic sports for the 2013-2014 school year. Each student will be required to pay an annual one-time athletic registration fee ($360 High School/$260 Middle School/$560 Family Cap) before the student may begin tryouts/practice for an Okemos athletic team. This is a one-time registration fee that will