245 - Okemos Public Schools v1 - Page 16

16 under the Athletic Code. This self-disclosure exemption is available to an athlete only once during his/her high school career. a. b. C. Satisfaction of the assessment/treatment requirements must be verified in writing by the licensed agency. Any expense incurred for the chemical assessment /treatment program will be the responsibility of the athlete and not the Okemos Public Schools. Chemical Assessment 1. 2. D. For the first offense of alcohol, illicit substances, steroids or performanceenhancing drugs, the athlete shall be urged to complete a chemical assessment through a licensed agency. For the second violation of alcohol, illicit substances, steroids or performance-enhancing drugs, the athlete will be required to complete a chemical assessment and a treatment program through a licensed agency. The athlete and his/her parents must meet at least once with a licensed substance abuse counselor to explain the results and recommendations of the chemical assessment. The athlete must present evidence of good faith participation in the treatment program. Application of Penalties 1. Penalties will not be considered to have been served unless the athlete fully completes the season. Quitting the team is not considered "serving the penalty". 2. The athlete serving a 25% off-season first offense violation may not participate in contests while on an athletic suspension. The suspended athlete’s  attendance and participation at practice and attendance at contests is  at  the  coach’s  discretion. The suspended athlete may not wear the team uniform during the athletic suspension. 3. If a subsequent offense is committed while a previous penalty is being served, the penalty for the subsequent offense will not begin until the first penalty has been served. 4. The offenses will be cumulative during   a   student’s   high   school   career, rather than on a yearly basis.