245 - Okemos Public Schools v1 - Page 14

14 3. Illegal drugs, including but not limited to those substances defined as "controlled substances" pursuant to federal and/or state statue; 4. Steroids, human growth hormones or other performance-enhancing drugs; 5. Substances represented as illegal or performance-enhancing drugs, i.e., "look-alike" drugs; mind altering substances. 6. Misused prescription drugs. “Distribution”  includes  the  “hosting”  of  a  party  at  which  the  host  is  aware  that  any   of the substances listed above are provided at the site by any person. It shall not be a violation for an athlete to use or possess a prescription or patent drug pursuant to a doctor’s legal prescription which the student has permission to use in school pursuant to Board Policy. An athlete shall notify his/her coach if he/she  is  taking  a  prescription  medicine,  which  could  alter  or  affect  the  athlete’s   behavior or ability to participate in physical activity. B. Use, possession, concealment, distribution, manufacture or sale of devices designed for and/or associated with the use of controlled substances, e.g., to include but not be limited to a marijuana pipe, "roach" clip, rolling papers, or devices used to smoke, inhale, inject, or otherwise consume controlled substances. C. Violation of federal, state or local law/ordinance, including felony or misdemeanor acts other than minor traffic offenses. Conviction is not necessary to establish a violation of the Athletic Code, but will be determined through an independent school investigation and may result in a penalty. D. Cumulative or gross misconduct, or conduct unbecoming an athlete and a representative  of  OHS  may  result  in  a  penalty,  including  “hazing”. E. Violation of the Student Code of Conduct which results in a school suspension. F. Violation of any team conduct, grooming or training rule established by the coach and approved by the Athletic Director. If the Athletic Code or other school policies or procedures do not cover situations that arise, the administration reserves the right to establish such rules, conditions, and penalties to respond effectively to unanticipated or unique circumstances or to institute a more severe penalty. 3. Penalties A. Conduct Offenses: Violation of Conduct Standards C-F above and the venue is off the athletic field or court.