245 - Okemos Public Schools v1 - Page 11

11 Coaches will discuss specific alternative possibilities for continued participation in the sport, or in other areas of participation within the athletic program with the athletes. O. Reporting of injury: All injuries that occur while participating in athletics should be reported to the trainer/coach. Once a physician treats athletes, the athlete must obtain the doctor’s  permission  to  return  to  the  activity. If the athlete is removed from competition, a MHSAA Return to Competition Form must be completed and signed by a MD or DO and returned to the Team Coach, Athletic Trainer and Athletic Director before the athlete may return to any activity. See Appendix X for MHSAA Return to Competition Form. P. Out-of-State Travel: The Okemos High School Athletic Department will apply and adhere to the Michigan High School Athletic Association policy on interscholastic athletic progr [H