21 Sweet Grass Manor as featured in Hilton Head Monthly April 2007 Monthly_Home Discovery_APR07

HOME DISCOVERY One of a KIND The unique design of this Bradley Beach home creates a truly unforgettable place to get away from it all. By Debi Lynes & Lisa Carroll Photography by Rob Kaufman 122 T he awe and inspiration of this new contemporary home at Sweetgrass Street on Bradley Beach begins as one drives over a discreet bridge towards the ocean. Brilliant colors of red, purple and gold on exterior walls and a shiny copper roof set the mood for the warmth and energy of the inhabitants within. A beautifully executed and artistically composed iron and glass front door opens into a lower level with a magnificent ocean view and a positive energy that can not help but be felt. This home is an intricate combination of materials, curves, angles, colors and light, making it a visually interesting marvel. Shirley and Frederick “Skeeter” Craig have known Hilton Head for quite a while, but as a place to vacation, not as a des- tination to live. This high powered Chicago couple has been devoted to their respective careers. When it was time to begin considering retirement, Shirley and Skeeter could think of no place they would rather be other than Hilton Head Island. “Skeeter and I began interviewing architects and builders in the area,” described Shirley with a warm smile. “When we hilton head monthly magazine Shirley and Frederick ‘Skeeter’ Craig enjoy their stunning Bradley Beach home. met Todd O’Dell, we knew this gifted architect was a match for our ideas. In Chicago, we lived in a traditional English Tudor home. We wanted to make a complete change in our environment including our home style. Todd was able to integrate the things we loved from our old house in to this new contemporary home.” Shirley Craig has been an environmental scientist with the EPA for years, and Skeeter is continuing to practice oral facial surgery in Chicago. “One of the things we fell in love with about Hilton Head,” said Shirley, “is that this area is very culturally diverse and also very environmentally aware. In fact, when we settle down a little more I hope to volunteer. Until then, we love our new church home, Queens Chapel,