20K Kit of Hope - ASEAN and Japan Social Contribution Activity (SCA) 20K KIT OF HOPE (ENG) - Page 6

INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATES OF SSEAYP Japan Indonesia Singapore SSEAYP International International Youth SSEAYP International SSEAYP International (Secretariat) Exchange Organisation Indonesia (SII Inc.) Singapore (SIS) Philippines Malaysia Thailand Cambodia SSEAYP International SSEAYP International Alumni Association of SSEAYP International Philippines (SIP, Inc.) Malaysia (SI Malaysia) SSEAYP (ASSEAY Thailand) Cambodia (SIC) Brunei Vietnam Laos Myanmar Vietnam Alumni Club of LAO SSEAYP Alumni SSEAYP International Youth Friendship (VACYF) Association (LAOSsA) Myanmar The SSEAYP Alumni Association of Brunei Darussalam (BERSATU) For more information about SSEAYP, please visit the following website: -  http://www8.cao.go.jp/youth/kouryu/en/sseayp/sseayp.html  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ship_for_Southeast_Asian_and_Japanese_Youth_Program 5