20K Kit of Hope - ASEAN and Japan Social Contribution Activity (SCA) 20K KIT OF HOPE (ENG) - Page 2

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Everything start with FIVE little question which are: Why? What? How? When? and Who? Why? Why do we want to highlight this program? As we know, lately the member countries of ASEAN communities has often been afflicted by disasters either in the form of earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other disasters that are very unpredictable and often causes victims to be homeless for temporarily or even for permanent and usually without them having time to do any preparations for survival. Personal hygiene items are usually the last thing that many parties take into consideration in this situation. The direct consequences of this is they are more expose to contagious and infectious disease that will have an adverse short and long term impact to their health. What? 20K Kit of Hope is a program to raise funds to make / manufacture, store, and distribute hygiene kits Basic individual pack size as initial aid for sanitation should be able to prevent infectious diseases from spreading among the victims of these disasters. How? When? and who? will be further explained in this documentation. It is hoped that you will be willing to read and evaluate it. In essence, our plan is to materialize 20 thousand units of these kit with the funds / money from your side. We were only able to plan, without the help of everyone, especially those who can afford, the victims of this disaster are likely to experience health problems in the future. 1