20K Kit of Hope - ASEAN and Japan Social Contribution Activity (SCA) 20K KIT OF HOPE (ENG) - Page 12

DISTRIBUTION OF SPONSORSHIP Any party who wishes to contact SI Malaysia for reference purposes and to contribute (in the form of financial or / or goods) may contact SI Malaysia via the following email:  Program Email: TEN2KitOfHOPE@gmail.com  Official Email: official.simalaysia@gmail.com Required information:  Name of agency / establishment / company  Type of contribution  Amount of donation  Details of document requirements from SI Malaysia Financial contributions can be made directly to SI Malaysia's official account at:  Account Name: SSEAYP International Malaysia 2  Bank Name: MAYBANK  Account No: 5141-3212-8212 The proposed distribution by country for the 20K KIT recipient of HOPE: Country Portion Recipient MALAYSIA 5.0 0% National Disaster Management Agency JEPUN 20.00% International Youth Exchange Organization INDONESIA 25.00% SSEAYP International Indonesia (SII) FILIPINA 15.00% SSEAYP International Philippines (SIP Inc.) VIETNAM 10.00% VACYF THAILAND 9.00% ASSEAY (SI Thailand) MYANMAR 7.00% SSEAYP International Myanmar KEMBOJA 4.00% SSEAYP International Cambodia (SIC) LAOS 3.00% LAOSsA BRUNEI 1.00% BERSATU SINGAPURA 1.00% SSEAYP International Singapore (SIS) 11