2020 Virtual Celebration Journal Journal 2020 Final - Page 86

To our Rabbinical Ordinees Luis Cattan, Robert Green, Idan Irelander, Lisa Sacks May you bring the love of Torah, Jewish Music, Chochmah, Spiritual Understanding and Guidance to the communities you serve. To our 5780 Award Recipients Rabbi Sid Schwarz – Cantor Meredith Greenberg – Rabbi Enid Lader Your Leadership, Teaching and Guidance will continue to enrich the Jewish community at large. To our Graduates of 2007 for their 13 Years of Service Rabbi Yechiel Buchband, Rabbi/ Cantor Anne Heath, Rabbi Donna Mesite-Levy, Rabbi Daniel Price You have always been an inspiration to our School. May you continue to serve your communities with Inspiration and Love. Congratulations to all our Ordinees and Honorees! Faith and Robert Einhorn To our Graduates of 1993-1995 for their 25 Years of Service Cantor Susan B. Alcott, Rabbi Judith Frankle Bardack, Cantor Leslie Friedlander, Rabbi H. Rafael Goldstein, Rabbi Cherie Koller-Fox, Cantor Marisa Krishef, Rabbi Ariel Lester, Rabbi Tamara Miller, Rabbi Jonathan Pearl, Rabbi Gloria Rubin, Rabbi Bonita Taylor You have led, taught, and spread your knowledge with the Jewish People for so many years. Now may you continue to lead the entire Jewish community with the same spirit. Cantorially and Musically Always, Cantor Sol Zim In honor of Cantor Leslie Friedlander : ‫ת‬ ‫י‬ ‫ִד‬ ‫ָפּ‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ֶשׁ‬ ‫ֲא‬ ‫י‬ ‫ִשׁ‬ ‫ְפ‬ ‫ַנ‬ ‫ְו‬ 4 ‫ָלּ‬ - ‫ה‬ ‫ָר‬ ‫ְמּ‬ ‫ַז‬ ‫ֲא‬ ‫י‬ ‫ִכּ‬ , ‫י‬ ‫ַת‬ ‫ָפ‬ ‫ְשׂ‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ָנּ‬ ‫ֵנּ‬ ‫ַר‬ ‫ְתּ‬ My lips shall be jubilant, as I sing unto You, My lips shall be jubilant, as I sing unto which You, my entire being, which You have redeemed: my entire being, You have redeemed: (Psalm 71:23) (Psalm 71:23) y your jubilant hymns always fly directly to the hymns Sha’are Shamayim May your jubilant always – The Gates of Heaven fly directly to the Shamayim — Jerry Sha’are Blum The Gates of Heaven. Jerry Blum 84 AJR 2020 The Alumni of AJR honor JAMES WHAM for his generous contributions to our technical tool-kits! Thank you James, For your patience, expertise and engaging style; for treating all our questions, no matter how basic or repetitive, as important and worthwhile. Thank you for showing up week after week to strengthen our skills and test your own; for enthusiastically trying new things and modeling competence and genuine interest. Thank you from your students and from the students of your students. Thank you from us all and from our congregations who have directly benefited from your sessions. The Association of Rabbis and Cantors AJR 2020 85