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How would you describe... W hether Rabbi Enid Lader walks onto her bimah at Beth Israel - The West Temple, into an interfaith clergy meeting, a school room, or a hospital room, she brings orah v’simhah, light and gladness, and a sense of competency and calm. And, if you’ve ever sat in a meeting with her, you may have noticed that a mysterious, happy bird seems to accompany her, chirping when you least expect it! Enid has served her community on the West Side of Cleveland for a very long time, rivaled only by Moses’ years leading our people through the wilderness! Before her Ordination in 2010, she had served in Wooster, Ohio as the spiritual leader for 10 years. This was after having worked as the Congregational Educator and Community Associate in Family Education for close to 20 years. During that time, Enid served on the regional board of the URJ (then UAHC). After completing the Cleveland Fellows Program in 1994, she became the Director of Congregational and Family Education at Beth Israel-The West Temple. By the time she became the rabbi of this congregation in 2012, they knew what an energetic and competent leader they were hiring. In 2018, Enid was honored by the Cleveland Jewish News as one of 18 “Difference Makers” in Northeast Ohio. The recipients of this honor are chosen because they “exemplify the mensch-like qualities [of]: community-mindedness, honor, integrity and generosity.” These are qualities that Enid 4 AJR 2020 has always shown and shared, both in her home town and among her peers at AJR— where she wrote the Gemach News for the community before her ordination—and most recently as long-serving President of the Association of Rabbis and Cantors. When asked in an interview by the Cleveland Jewish News what it is that informs her actions, Enid cited part of Hillel’s famous maxim: “If I’m only for myself, what am I?” Far from being “only for herself,” Enid shares her energy with her congregation, with those without a congregation, with long time friends, with desperate Jewish prisoners, and with her family. Enid and Harry invest their love, time, and talents babysitting for the newest addition to the Lader clan, Evan, and his older brother, Holden, the sons of Abby and David. Several times a year they also make it out to the West Coast to visit their other two grandchildren, Leela and Anjali, the daughters of Leah and Ananth. Special Recognition RABBI ENID LADER Yourself? If you have ever seen yourself as a rabbi or cantor, become one at AJR! Explore our... • Distance learning opportunities • Pluralistic approach to education and training • Academically rigorous and spiritually meaningful programs • Flexible courses of study • Diverse community of students and faculty While many of us know that Enid plays the violin and the guitar, fewer may know that she started with the viola and even played on stage for the late, great Bob Hope! So, as you end your ARC presidency, we all say, “Thanks [again] for the memories,” Enid. And that chirping bird? May it be the bluebird of happiness, helping you to continue to bring light and gladness to all you meet. • M.A. in Jewish Studies ORDAINING RABBIS AND CANTORS FOR ALL JEWISH COMMUNITIES 28 WELLS AVENUE | YONKERS, NY | 10701 914.709.0900 | AJRSEM.ORG AJR 2020 5