2020 Virtual Celebration Journal Journal 2020 Final - Page 40

MAZEL TOV to the 2020 honorees and newly-ordained rabbis The Academy for Jewish Religion Class of 2020 Always participate in your friends’ joy on the day of your friends’ success. ~Qohelet Rabbah, 7 Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum In admiration of and gratitude to the AJR administration and faculty. Kol haKavod May you be the light that shines in the darkness. To Rabbi Luis Cattan, Rabbi Robert Green, Rabbi Lisa Sacks, and Rabbi Idan Irelander, our new colleagues To Cantor Meredith Greenberg, ARC’s Alumna of the Year! To those of our B’nei Mitzvah Class, Rabbi Yechiel Buchband, Rabbi/Cantor Anne Heath, Rabbi Donna Mesite-Levy and Rabbi Daniel Price May you bring wisdom where there is ignorance and yearning. May you bring love where there is confusion and hatred. To those of our Mehadrin classes,Cantor Susan Alcott, Rabbi Judith Frankle Bardack, Cantor Leslie Friedlander, Rabbi Rafael Goldstein, Rabbi Cherie Koller-Fox, Cantor Marisa Krishef, Rabbi Ariel Lester, Rabbi Tamara Miller, Rabbi Jonathan Pearl, Rabbi Gloria Rubin and Rabbi Bonita Taylor: may your impact be felt for many years to come. May you bring music where there is silence. To Rabbi Sid Schwarz, on your receiving the Marbeh Shalom community service award Tonia Papke To my dear friend Rabbi Enid Lader for your special award 38 AJR 2020 Bronze Bronze AJR 2020 39