2020 Virtual Celebration Journal Journal 2020 Final - Page 106

T he Jewish community of today and tomorrow—one that is inherently diverse and dynamic—needs leaders who embrace diversity wholeheartedly and celebrate a multiplicity of viewpoints. The Jewish community needs leaders who are steeped in tradition and creative in their approaches to ritual and contemporary thought. The Jewish community needs leaders who bring people together. AJR fills this need and more. Our state-of-the-art distance learning program provides a unique opportunity for on-site and distance students to learn together as one community in real time. First- and second- career students are valued for their passion, their commitment, and their personal gifts. AJR programs include a streamlined rabbinic ordination for ordained cantors, a Kol Bo program enabling students to attain rabbinic and cantorial ordination simultaneously, and an MA in Jewish Studies. AJR rabbis and cantors are trained to work together as equal partners to: ❙ Lead dynamic, spiritually uplifting, meaningful religious services using the liturgy and nusah of all denominations ❙ Provide skillful, compassionate counseling ❙ Utilize both traditional and contemporary sources to teach Torah in a lively, meaningful, and intellectually engaging manner ❙ Incorporate spiritual practices, meditative techniques, and sacred arts into their personal and communal prayer experiences ❙ Officiate at moving, beautiful Jewish life cycle ceremonies ❙ Guide congregations and organizations in the creation of supportive, spiritual, and religious communities ❙ Embrace all Jews and their families regardless of religious affiliation, personal practice, sexual identity, and gender identity B OA R D O F T RU ST E E S A D M I N I ST R AT IO N Dr. William Liss-Levinson, Chair Dr. Ora Horn Prouser CEO and Academic Dean Rabbi Bruce Alpert Chair Emeritus Mr. Robert Einhorn Ms. Nicole Goluboff Student Representative Cantor Gladys R. Gruenwald Rabbi Jill Hackell, MD Alumni Representative Rabbi Matthew Goldstone, PhD Assistant Academic Dean Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum Rabbi Michael Kohn Rabbi Simon Rosenbach Dr. Daniel Schidlow Mr. Lewis Stolzenberg Rabbi Ziona Zelazo AJRSEM.ORG Rabbi Jeff Hoffman, DHL Rabbi-in-Residence and Director of Institutional Assessment Cantor Michael Kasper, MSW Dean of Cantorial Studies and Director of Student Life and Placement Rabbi Irwin Huberman Your generosity is infectious! Please support our continuing efforts during this time of pandemic by donating to our scholarship fund. Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD Director of Spiritual Education Cantor Lisa Klinger-Kantor Dean of Admissions Linda Ripps Director of Administration James Wham Media and Administrative Coordinator 28 WELLS AVENUE YONKERS, NEW YORK 10701 914.709. 0900 AJ RS EM. OR G 104 AJR 2020 AJR 2020 105