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/ 202 PUBLISHER’S words / I would love to meet the person who originally came up with the expression, Beauty is only Skin Deep, just to see how their life transpired, if they were happy and at peace, their struggles, trials and tribulations. I tried it for a long time, ignoring the inside, and it certainly didn’t give me the fulfillment I am experiencing today. Growing up in a small town in Illinois as a star athlete, keeping my body in shape and working hard to develop my skills, I did get the opportunity to play college basketball. It also opened the doors to some future opportunities. Keeping my body in shape after college and into my thirties, playing ball on the playgrounds, traveling to play in tournaments, picking up recreational football and baseball again, was rewarding, fun and exciting. I looked good and felt good but wasn’t happy. However, once I had my hip replacement in 2006 after all the physical pounding at the ripe age of forty and recreational sports leagues became a thing of the past, I was left with other decisions to utilize my free time to build my self-esteem. Continually ignoring who I was as a person (my spiritual being) and seeking outside myself for the answers to happiness, I was left lonely, lost and bored. I was completely incomplete as a person. The result: Divorce and struggle. Fortunately for me (and I say this today with complete gratitude), I hit my personal bottom just a few years back and started utilizing the several tools that came available in my life to start looking at the “beauty” of me as a person. I came to realize I am an infinite spirit occupying this finite body and I need to work hard to take care of both. My priorities started shifting. Through hard work, dedication and commitment, traits I learned from the athletic background, I am blessed to be on a new journey of life, living a life from the inside out. And I am happy and at peace for the first time, ever. This personal journey is the prime reason why 202 Magazine is dedicated to bringing you, the reader, inspiration every month in our community of the East Valley. From the amazing life and dedication to giving back of our gorgeous Cover Lady, Catherine Anaya, to steps to creating the inner glow resulting in an outward shine, and several of our advertisers who can help you shed those stubborn unwanted pounds, enhance your physical appearance and help make the package complete, I’m sure you’ll find this issue to be helpful in your path to creating what we call, The Total Beauty Package. Happiness today, for me, includes a steady diet of feeding the soul for continued spiritual growth and development, eating healthy and physical exercise. Today I feel beautiful and more complete as a whole person. Enjoy! JULY 2012, Volume 2 Issue 6 PubLisher Joe Bocker joe@keekapubs.com editor in chief Chrissy May EDITORIAL CONSULTANT Justin Einhorn Art directioN Veronica Romero AdvertisiNG desiGN Veronica Romero FOOD EDITOR Darlene Washington-Conant coNtributiNG Writers Monica Avila, Chaunna Bassett, Alison Bailin Batz, Virginia Chavez, Casey Einhorn, Justin Ein ɸMɅ-!ɥͽMѕ1՝%ͅḬ1ե͔MѥA]ͽ9ɥѥ9AѽÁ٥䰁ɕ܁ͭQ5ɥMѡA5ѡ܁MɅ́ɍ1ѥ8ɽ-h%ѕɅѕ5ظԁɽ饹ѕɅѕٕѥͥ99ɵѥ8̸́Չ̹Ё]ЁɥɥٔQɥ齹ȁÀ̸ɵ饹(ȁ5饹́Չ͡ȁѥ́ȁ啅ȁ-AՉѥ̰%Ё]ЁɥɥٔQɥ齹ȸ ɥЃ 䁉-AՉѥ̰%AՉ͡ȁյ́䁙ȁ́ȁչͽѕѕɥٕѥͥȁѽɥɥ́ɕ͕ٕIɽՍѥȁ͔ݡȁа䁵ȁݥѡЁɵͥ́ɥѱɽѕ]ٕ䁕Ё́ѼɔѡЁѡɵѥхȁ5饹́Ʌєє䁍ѕȁ䁕ɽ́ȁ̸ͥȁ5饹ɽ٥́ɵѥѥ́Ս́յ̰ѥ̰ɥ̰ь͕́٥Ѽȁɕ̸ɵѥ́ɕ͕ɍȁɅ䁅Ёɕ́ѥ]ɔЁɕͥȁ䁍́ȁمɥ́ɵѥݥՉѥ((((ȁ5i%9p)U1dȁpɵ饹((0