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/ 202 FINAL NOTE / from the editor True beauty is not skin deep, yet the whole package an individual possesses. Inward beauty that entails: integrity, good character, love, compassion and a helping hand far transcends any picture perfect face. Let’s be honest though, it’s tough as we live in an era providing quick fixes offering the fountain of youth. I understand the importance in wanting to look your very best and commend those doing just that, however, don’t lose sight on your journey through life to take time to grow inward, loving yourself and capitalizing on your strengths and gifts that create that beautiful YOU! Much of our inspirational and motivational content in this July beauty issue addresses the importance of that inner beauty. Tapping inward will boost self-confidence like never before. Journaling, meditating, eating healthy-whole foods and surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people all have substantial benefits in providing enlightenment, which will keep you shining from the inside-out. Fitting for this topic was our lovely staff from Hotel Palomar in downtown phoenix where we shot our July fashion layout. Greeted with warm smiles and uncanny personalities, the staff went over and beyond the call of duty to make certain our time there was an enjoyable experience, and the best part is, they treat all of their guests this way. These acts of kindness bring out the best in everyone, making the world go round with sincere gratitude and appreciation, ultimately defining true beauty yet again. Enjoy a few more candid shots from our month long marathon of gathering content to make this issue what it is. So much time, attention and emotion goes into creating an inspirational and motivational publication. Please take the time to write and lend us your feedback, we want to hear from you! To your health, happiness and amazing beauty! Chrissy May Editor in Chief ChrissyMay@gmail.com The 202 M agazine te am brain storming new insp iration. Cat h thei erine A r go ofy naya an side d ki . ds sho win g of f It’s a wrap! After 9 hours of shootin g we were thrilled to be done. 66 202 MAGAZINE \ JULY 2012 \ 202magazine.com