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feeling great / 202 wellness / to our bodies from the consumption of these harmful fish oil and vitamin D3. They provide numerous health substances is simply making us dead tired.  benefits like promoting good insulin sensitivity, reducSo what do we do about it? I could tell you to only ing the risk of cardiovascular disease and even helping eat organic foods, buy organic beauty products, don’t to prevent cancer. In fact, in countries where more fish use plastic containers for drinking or heating food, is consumed, there are lower rates of depression. Most and go on a 7-day detox, but these are big steps you people are deficient in these good fats, so supplementmay not be ready to take. So let’s start with some ing with large amounts of fish oil and bringing up D3 minor changes….  levels can definitely provide more energy. While dosing First, let’s improve gut health and neurotransmitter should be individualized, I generally like 4000iu a day functioning – the No. 1 reason for low energy levels, of D3 along with at least 9 grams of fish oil, or 9 pills. in my opinion. When the integrity of Seem high? It’s not. The higher your your gut – the stomach and intestines body fat, the more fish oil you should Did you know that - becomes compromised, many physitake. I’ve put people on as much as 24 approximately 80% of ological processes break down includa day with fantastic results.  ing poor immune system functioning, The next two products may not be the U.S. population is hormone imbalance and altered neuas well-known but can have a great malnourished? It’s a fairly impact on our gut and digestive sysrotransmitter functioning. Neurotransastonishing statistic, mitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, tems. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, dopamine and GABA are produced in “you are what you eat,” but I prefer, especially considering the nervous system - in your gut – and about 70% of Americans “you are what you digest.” As we age, they directly control mood, sleep, deour stomach acid or HCL hydrochloric are overweight. How can acid levels decline. HCL is responsible pression, anxiety, memory, motivation this be? How can people for digesting and assimilating nutrients and of course... energy!  The good news is, there are steps be fat and malnourished? from the food we eat and can play a you can immediately take to start healrole in many other functions including Malnutrition is simply ing and restoring gut health – and subthe activation of neurotransmitters. the result of eating an sequently, improve energy levels – and While not everyone is deficient in HCL, unbalanced diet which most functional medicine doctors agree it could happen as quickly as 7 days.  While breakfast is the most importhat the majority of people are lacking lacks certain nutrients. tant meal, it’s what you eat in the – exactly why supplementing with a The World Health morning that affects your entire day. good betaine HCL product is beneficial.  Organization (WHO) Consuming protein and good fats can Most of you hear the word bacteria sites malnutrition as the and probably think...bad, right? Well, positively impact energy levels. Foods such as chicken, fish and ground turgreatest single threat to there is a good bacteria in your gut that key combined with avocados or nuts the world’s public health.  aids in the functioning of the intestines should be the staple of your morning and digestive system. But over time, meal. My favorite breakfast is “meat our bodies break down healthy gut and nuts”, popularized by strength and conditioning bacteria. A high concentrate probiotic can replace the coach Charles Poliquin. By having a piece of meat and good bacteria to help boost your energy levels. Using a some nuts for breakfast, you can stabilize blood sugar probiotic with HCL is definitely a winning combination. levels and decrease cravings throughout the day while People seem to think that if something is on store increasing dopamine and acetylcholine levels. These shelves, it’s safe. Many believe there is some governing neurotransmitters are responsible for producing energy body that keeps out all the really bad stuff from getting and drive to your body.  in the food we eat and products we use. Unfortunately, More common breakfasts such as cereals, bagels and this is not true! Many of them have chemicals that can ba ́ɕٽձٕ́مє͕͔͕͔́ȁͥ䁵́ɽѽ́ѥɕQ͔́ͼ͔́ͥeԁ͡ձѼݥѡЁѡ͔ѼЁչɥȀͽȁѡݔ͡ձݥѠɔ́ɥ́ѡЁхɽ́ɕ̸Ʌ٥́ȁɉɅѕ́՝ȸ]ѡЁ]ѡ䁉ɕЁ́хЁɕЁЁ͕ЁаЁ́ЁЁٔԁѡЁЁIхȁȁ5ѥٔՔѼѡͥѥٔ́ЁɽՍ̻ ѕȰЁݥѕхЁԁѡѠѼ]ѡ䁑Ёѕ䁍́аɽȁɽȰɕȁɔɽ)Ёɕȁхѥɕѱ䁅ѥѡѡϊȁɥѡЁ́ԁѕ䁙ѥٔ́́ݗeٔѕݡх䁝ݥٕՅ䁡ٔͽѥ͕ٔՕ̸ɕͥɝ䁱̸ٕ!ձԁɕхЁѡѡ ͕ɸ́ ѥ Յ٥хɅаͼɔɔMɔ5ձѥAɅѥѥȰ͍MɕэQɅ䁽ѡȀЁѽɕѥϊЁ1ٕȁ ѥAͽQɅȸ хЁ ͕QЁݼɔɽѡЁݕݸȴāȁ ͕ AɥĹ(ɵ饹)U1dȀȁ5i%9((((0