202 Magazine July 2012 (July 2012) - Page 60

/ 202 wellness / feeling great mon statements from my first-time clients. So, they look to these drinks and pills for a “pick-me-up” to make getting through the daily grind a little easier.  When I think of these worn-out people, the movie ‘300’ comes to mind. Remember those Spartan warriors with their granite jaws, ripped abs and intense looks of indestructibility - training every day to be ready for war at any moment. I doubt they woke up tired saying, “I just can’t make it in today, guys.” No! They woke up and trained for war every day, but we are the ones who wake up like we have been in battle.  Granted, this was only a Gerard Butler movie, but back around 500 B.C., these Spartan men were true warriors, having been military trained from infancy – true of many cultures from that era. We were put on this Earth to hunt and gather, not be fat, sluggish and lazy. But the reality is, the way we look and feel has drastically changed - a result of technology and ingesting substances not in existence during the Spartan era. Everything from the food we eat to the water we drink is altering our body chemistry, causing us to be toxic and tired. And make no mistake about it, you are toxic. If you are breathing right now, you’re toxic.  When I used to thi وHX[\\Y x&YX\H[[XXX]Y[\[[[YXHHۙHوH[Y\X[\[܈ۘ][ۜˈ[H\[[H\HX[\\YX]\H^H]H H\H[\[HX[\\YX]\HH\HX][X[ H[\]\X[YX\Y[H\Z\H[XYوܛۈHHܛ[ [Y\X[܈8&Y&H[8&Y[]\&H[XYو\[K][[HX]X[ ]8&\ٝ[^YY][\\[ZX[[Y\XY\[\XY\܈[XY]ܛ[ۙ\[[X[Xˈ[H[]X[H[[Y\Y[[\\[ZX[[\X[X]]HX\H[\[\\[X[XZK]\ HY]]H[\XHTVHRSԓ\HY[H[\H–[\]ZYH܈\^\^Z[[\^YY[  KZ\[\K[ۋB\\ZK\K])]Y[\[H[&][]\H]][[\H[\H\ HX[ܙ\[\\\X\]Yܙ\\][ۜˈ[]8&\ܙ]X]\؜\[ۈ]\XˈHY][Y\[&]][XZH^H^HY[H\‚XY\[H]HH]H]H^H\KHY[HHYYY܈[\H[\HX[[[[Z[[[\x)[H\H\YHHX\][H[YH H[\H\Hˈ H\Z[Z[[H[[HZY 8'H\[&]]YH^K8'H܋8'HY[[\H[YK8'H\HKB PQVSHSH L XY^[KB