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looking good inside and out / 202 beauty / our skin. Fish oil helps our skin remain smooth and retain its elasticity. Some believe it even prevents wrinkles. Healthy makes for a happy body and super radiant shine, leaving you feeling great and looking fabulous! Beautiful Slumber You might spend a fortune on skin treatments, creams, and serums but ultimately you need sleep for a glowing complexion. During a good nights sleep, damaged skin can repair naturally. Many of the body’s cells get to work during Nettles can be taken as a general tonic for greatly improving overall well-being. This herb acts as an alterative and diuretic. Like dandelion nettles are a rich source of nutrients. Sarsaparilla is rich in glycosides and volatile oils which give its cleansing properties. Sassafras is a good herb for clear skin, as an alterative and diuretic. Cleavers is a wonderful detoxifying herb as it acts as an alterative, diuretic, hepatic and laxative. It also is a tonic for the lymphatic system. Play your way Yes, PLAY! Another word for this would be, uh hmm, exercise. Now if I said that, many of you would have had a spike in your blood pressure, however, I’m not telling you to become an Olympic weight lifter. Find an activity you like and enjoy. When the body is undergoing a cardiovascular workout, the heart and lungs are pumping oxygenrich blood vigorously. This blood travels all through your body supplying oxygen, which ultimately makes your skin look flushed and leaving you with an amazing healthy glow. So get your kicks on and have fun! sleep, your body secretes a growth hormone that repairs and regenerates tissue throughout the body. A good night’s sleep can help lower blood pressure and elevated levels of stress hormones, which are a natural result of today’s fast paced lifestyle. High blood pressure can be life threatening and the physical effects of stress can produce “’wear and tear” on your body and degenerate cells, which propel the aging process. Sleep helps to slow these effects and encourages a state of relaxation. Toxin Eliminator By promoting the removal of waste from the body, cleansing herbal teas can be an extremely effective tool for improving skin complexion, while also enhancing your state of health in the process. Get that gorgeous glow by getting rid of the toxins in your body. Here is your go-to list for herbal detox teas: Burdock root has alterative, diuretic, and laxative properties, making it an excellent plant for correcting a variety of skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis as well as acne and poor skin tone. Red clover is a gentle cleansing herb. It is an alterative but it also relaxes the nervous system. Yellow dock has hepatic, laxative, and alterative properties. Dandelion is wonderful in cleansing herbal tea blends as it is one of the best diuretics, while also being a rich source of potassium. It also supports the liver. 202magazine.com / JULY 2012 / 202 MAGAZINE 59