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/ 202 beauty / looking good inside and out Beam Like a Ray of Sunshine Getting a healthy glow naturally BY CHRISSY MAY Beauty in a bottle surrounds us everywhere we go. Countless advertisements stating their creams will reduce wrinkles and remove those puffy bags under your eyes are all too common. While many physician formulated scrubs and creams help repair a drab complexion drastically, other factors play a huge role in that sensational glow many of us are in search for. Check out these Top 5 picks that will bring out your special inner glow~Shine on sister! Mood Changing Miracles Every emotion we bottle up inside eventually will show on the outside in some form or another. Stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, will all come to the surface physi- cally. The time that takes depends on what you do to filter it. Create a peaceful and serene environment to de-stress and bring will strip away any rigid emotions you are experiencing. Make it a part of your routine and witness these healing benefits. Glow Fish Who would have thought positive function and shine could come from the oily tissues of a fish? The benefits of a medical grade supplement like Pro Omega fish oil, have substantial benefits when it comes to your body, especially your skin! Skin is the largest organ in the body and fish oil is useful to improve its cellular function and the appearance of enlightenment into your life. Candles, healing music and lavender salts/Eucalyptus for the bathtub 58 202 MAGAZINE \ JULY 2012 \ 202magazine.com