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coach’s corner / 202 LIFE / I’m the oldest of two, but while my younger sister has both wrinkles and gray hair, I have neither. Although she has the blessing of pulling off both with extraordinary grace and beauty, we are not all so lucky and most of us would like to abate the aging process for as long as possible or even reverse it. I’ve helped multiple clients find the fountain of youth, but I’ll admit it can be elusive at first and requires a commitment. However, there are also many basic tools any person with a serious commitment can apply to travel closer to it. Here is the path… each meal, the more antioxidants, trace minerals and nutrients you get. This allows your body to repair more effectively every day. • Work harder on your relationships (including the one with yourself) than you do at your job – True fulfillment comes from our relationships, not our stuff. Our experiences, including travel, are only as rich as the relationships with which we share them. Work to live instead of living to work. • Know your commitments and make them bigger than yourself – People with big commitments stress less. How so? The daily stuff isn’t important in the grand scheme and people are happier knowing the direction they are moving. (For more information on commitments, write us at advice@202magazine.com with your interest and questions) • Exercise your body, mind and spirit, a few times per week for each – Your body is only one part to the equation. Are you learning something new? Are you clear on your values and practicing what is most important to you? If not, you are adding extra age to your life for every year that passes. You can dedicate yourself to all of the above, but if you make a few key mistakes, it may all be for naught. Keep reading to find out if you are making a mistake that is keeping you from the fountain of youth. Top 7 Steps to the Fountain of Youth: • Keep a gratitude journal in the morning – the exercise of generating gratitude first thing in the morning literally shifts your energy and over time, your cellular structure. • Keep a success journal at night – listing as many as possible successes as possible can draw more such achievement into your life, reduce stress and increase possibilities. All of these factors contribute to a youthful glow. • Learn how to create “completion” and do twice a week – Unresolved concerns, problems or issues weigh heavy and accumulate over time. Completion lightens the load and gives you back that pep in your step. (For more information on completion, write us at advice@202magazine.com) • Eat multi-colored foods (that are not processed) at every meal, even snacks – The more colors your plate has at Caffeine, Alcohol & Drugs: These keep us from being present to what we really need and what is really Top Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid!!! important to us. They cause bad decisions and early aging. Not sleeping enough: Everybody is different, but if you are always tired and not sleeping enough, you are shaving years off your life and literally prematurely aging yourself. Keeping to yourself: With the pace of life, it’s easy to not reach out, ask for help or share, whether it be our problems, concerns or even dreams and goals. This hurts your future as well as causes disconnectedness and stress that contribute to lackluster life, boredom and resignation. These are not youthful traits. Complaining: or allowing others to complain to you, literally adds years to your looks and health. Youth is filled with possibility but as we age, we get resigned. That can decrease our energy along with slacken muscles in the face and body that give us that youthful look and pep in our step. You don’t need to do all of these at once, you can save this and add (or subtract) one of these per week or month or quarter until you are seeing a measurable difference in your own youth. Get a partner and share the process. Also, write us and let us know your results!! advice@202magazine.com For more information visit: www.lecoaching.com 202magazine.com / JULY 2012 / 202 MAGAZINE 47