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/ 202 seniors / vibrant after 50 Proactive Health Planning Your Personal Checklist to Keep on Track BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ Everyone has heard it – an ounce of pre- vention is worth a pound of cure. This oft-used quote from the one-and-only Benjamin Franklin could not be truer for anyone more than seniors. “From Arthritis to Alzheimer’s, seniors need to take control of their health and wellness at the most proactive level possible,” said Dr. Paul Columbe, a general practitioner in the Valley. “Among the most important ways to become proactive – simply taking part in recommended health screenings.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, regular health screenings and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early, when chances for treatment and cure are better. Annual Physical Certainly, an annual exam is a must – including a blood pressure check, cholesterol screening and potentially even a diabetes screening. Ideally, this should occur each year no matter one’s age, but it is even more important as even the healthiest of individuals turns 50. “In addition, seniors should talk to their primary doctors about cardiac stress tests during the exam to ensure heart health,” said Dr. Columbe. Mammograms For senior women, mammograms should be a given. In fact, according to Dr. Luci 44 202 MAGAZINE \ JULY 2012 \ 202magazine.com } Be Proactive! Take control over your health and get regular screenings.