202 Magazine July 2012 (July 2012) - Page 43

doing good / 202 heroes / Etten says this earth-friendly initiative and meeting people in the process have provided quite an adventure. “It really became a hobby. My husband would spend hours in the junk yards looking for parts,” van Etten said of the month-long project. “There is a huge support community online which was a big help. Neither my husband nor I had much experience working on cars. They really helped us with all the questions we had.” The hard work paid off. The VW Golf now gets approximately 150 miles per gallon and saves the couple nearly $3,000 annually on fuel costs, as well as savings on insurance. Her husband, who works in the Phoenix-metro area, calculated that he saves more than 10 bucks during his daily commute. “I am lucky to have worked out a deal with one of my favorite restaurants who give me their used oil, which I then filter in my garage,” Aykroyd said. “You need to warm up the car with diesel, so other than filling the diesel tank every five weeks or so, I’m pretty much getting free fuel.” su ͥѡЁɬȸ ͥ́啕́хѡѥѥٔѼɕѕɅѥ́ѡȁٕ̰ѡ䁡Ѽɕєɔх丁9܁ѡɵхЁѕ䁡́хѼ͕ٔɝ䰁ɽɕ危́ɽٕ݅́Ս́ѥɽ̰ٕ́Ʌɕ危́ɕ͕䁹ɱɍЁͥ丁Q䰁مѕȁ͉ɔѼѥݕȁ͕ȁѼٕЁͼѡ́ɕݕɕٕqQ́ݡɥLեѡȰ͡ɥѡѽݥѠ!Ʌé!I<ѡȁɕ٥Յ̃Ĺɕ䁥ɕ́Ѽ̳tمѕͅq$ѕѼЁɔٽٕɔɕѠݥѡȁչ䁅ݥѡ䁡tȁɔɵѥ!Ʌé ѡȁ!I<ɽɅ٥ͥЁܹɅͅȁȴ(+q]͕ѼЁ͔́ݔݕɔɥ٥ȰЁ܁ݔЁ́ȁѥɕ䁑ɕЁɕͽ̸%ӊéȁɅѕȻt(+qQɔ́՝Ёչ䁽ݡ݅́9ѡȁ䁡͉ȁ$Սɥݽɭ̸Qɕ䁡́ݥѠѡՕѥ́ݔt)ѡɥ]ɑѼمѕЁ́ѱͱ܁յ䰁ЁѡЁ́ѱѼݥѠѡՕɔѼݥѠѡˊéمq%ӊéѡѽ̳t͡ͅݥѠ՝q ЁѡȁѡȰӊéɕи Ѡȁх䁅٥ɽхɕͽ̻t!I?é ɕѥѥٔȁݡ!Ʌé 啕́ɔɅѼȁչ䵥ɽ٥ɽ̰ɔѡՉ̀ѽха؁ٽչѕȁ́ɕԁā́ݕ́݅Ѽ(ɵ饹)U1dȀȁ5i%9((((0