202 Magazine July 2012 (July 2012) - Page 37

for him / 202 Motivational dads / By ALISON BAILIN BATZ Inspiration Against All Odds Providing the deaf and hard of hearing the tools to succeed “I had two choices – I could have gone left, in which case I wouldn’t have had a life, or I could go right, which brought me to where I am today.” The today Chris Schneck talks about is his successful career, loving family and devotion to helping less fortunate. But the path Mesa resident Schneck took to get to where he is today was a difficult one, starting when he was just a toddler. You see, Chris Schneck is legally deaf. “I lost my hearing at age three due to hay fever and allergies,” Schneck recalls. “The doctors in Kansas, where I lived at the time, told my parents I would be a deafmute my entire life - to put me in an institution and forget about me.” They didn’t. Rather, his parents packed up their son and moved to Arizona, where they heard they could help with Scheck’s medical problems. Because of this move, Schneck received a quality education, got the medical attention he needed and learned valuable lessons he strives to pass onto his own family. “If it wasn’t for my parents, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today,” Schneck said, who now has full hearing with the help of two hearing-aids. “I want to give my kids the same support and opportunities mine gave me.” Schneck is a proud father to Morgan, 17, who will enter her senior year at Mountain View High School in the fall, participates in the marching band and plans to study medicine in college; and Eric, 14, who will be a freshman this fall. Perhaps the biggest opportunity Schneck gave his son came at an early age: Eric was adopted from Seoul, Korea, when he was five months old, a story that Schneck can’t help but smile while telling. Now, Eric plays football and is working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, which Schneck is head of fundraising. Schneck describes his children simply as “the nicest people” and believes the best way to lead is by example. “The most important thing I want to instill in my kids is to respect others and ѡ́չєtḾѡ́ѥѥ͕ٕɅɽЁɝѥ́ٽ䁝ɽ̰Ցͥѥѡɐ́ѡȁеɕͥЁѡɥ齹 ͥȁѡѡ!ɐ!ɥ ! %ѡ́ͥѥMݽɭ́Ѽɔɐɥ٥Յ́хمхѡɕͽɍ́مѼѡݥѠѥձȁ́и(+q%Ё́ձ䁄ɕ́ɝѥѡЁ́ͼՍѼȁѼѡɐɥչѥ̸$Յ䁡ɐѥЁЁչѥ ! ɅѼɅ䁅ѥ́ѡ́Ѽѡͅt%ѥѼٽչѕɥ́ѥḾ٥ɕͥЁݕѠЁ٥ͽȁЁ5ɥ1幍5̈́ ЁݡЁ ɥٕ́́Ѽ́ɕ͡Ё́ѥ́٥ͽȰɕѥٕѼ䁄͕Ё܁ݡѡݱٕͥɅչх́Ё́ȁȁչՔхєq$ٔɕȁ ѡЁݥѠ䁕ɥݱЁ݅́ɅЁȁtMͅq5ɥ1幍́ɕЁѡЁѡɕ锁ѡЁ́́ɕեɔɕЁɽ]ٔɽɅٕ́ձѽȁѼѡѡȁɕ́ݡ́ͼɕ䁥хлt]ѠͼՍ́ѥЁѡ̰Ё́ɕɭѡЁḾѼ䁵q$ɔѼٕ䁹ЁݥѠ䁙丁$ѡѡ́͡ձѼЁѼݥѠѡȁ́ɕ䁱ѕѼѡȁٕ́ͅɕѥȁ́Ѽ͡ɔȁ̸$ٕ䁉͕Ѽٔ٥䁅ѼѼٔѡչѥ̸$չЁѡ͔ٕͥ́䁑今t((ɵ饹)U1dȀȁ5i%9((((0