202 Magazine July 2012 (July 2012) - Page 35

raising kids in the east valley / 202 parenthood / PHOTO BY MATTHEW STRAUSS Karli, 12: Being in a kitchen can be so much fun, but as I have learned from the best cook in the world, my dad, never goof around in the kitchen or your masterpiece could turn into a disaster piece! Also, if you’re working with others in a kitchen, always talk and communicate with each other so nothing and no one gets burned. One thing my dad always told us to say is “Behind you!” I would be cooking breakfast with my dad and be screaming “BEHIND YOU!” just to show him I know what’s going on. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, so why not do it right? Zach, 15: The most important thing I have learned in the kitchen is learning to be patient. Patience really helps because I used to undercook things when I was in our kitchen making breakfast every Saturday for the family. It also helps you with timing, which is one of the most important things to learn while cooking in any kitchen. 202magazine.com / JULY 2012 / 202 MAGAZINE 35