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/ 202 LIVING / interior design Creating an Enlightened Environment Simplistic Ways to Vamp Up Your Interior BY ISABELLE ROBYNS Color talk It does not have to be costly or over the top to make a room look great. By the use of different colors of paint, you can simply change a space’s atmosphere. Observe the space’s layout of your room and find the ‘eye catching’ walls that will be most important to the overall design. Focus on creating them in contrasting colors and the opposing walls in more neutral tones. The chosen colors must also fit the furniture and blend with the curtains and fabrics. Accuracy in colors is crucial - there can be so many tone differences in even one color, it really becomes a trial-anderror process to make sure the paint color fits a room and its accessories. This entails painting a wall with a different version of a color or tint and then seeing how it appears in different conditions and light. Be careful not to paint all the walls in a house and try to stay away from too many dark tones, as it’s going to make a room look gloomy and much smaller. For those with a southwest environment it is recommended the rooms to be a bit brighter and spacious with a bit of contrast here and there. Tip: Grab sample swatches before painting. Bring the painted panel to the desired room and watch the swatches at different times of the day as the color will 32 202 MAGAZINE \ JULY 2012 \ 202magazine.com