202 Magazine July 2012 (July 2012) - Page 28

/ 202 spotlight / on the Air If you’re like the rest of us, you are looking for something more out of life. Outreach Today is here to help make it happen. Airing every Wednesday at 10am on VoiceAmerica.com/Variety channel, Outreach Today takes the concept of talk radio to a new and different level. No controversy, no sensationalism, just “real talk.” The show’s motto, “give a hand up not a hand out,” is an extension of the mission of Creative Innovations (CI), Inc., a nonprofit health and social service provider which has a reputation for bringing awareness and education to the community. Host Melissa Jenkins-Simon and co-host Diane Stafford took the clinical work they already were doing in the community and branched out to reach a larger audience. Partnering with Eva Bowen, Reaching Out East Valley women using talk radio to provide inspiration and public relations specialist. Discussions include fresh, innovative topics which are chock full of power and inspiration. Women BY MONICA AVILA photo courtesy of future photo group “We are agents of change. It’s not about us, it’s about those people who are helped by what we do. We want them all to know that they are not alone, and they can change their circumstances.” –Eva Bowen a veteran broadcast journalist, these energetic women created an Internet talk radio sensation. The ultimate goal of Outreach Today is to educate, empower and inspire people to live their very best lives. The program features guests like Dr. John Demartini, widely considered one of the world’s leading experts in human development, and X[ܚY\[ H\[\X\][‚HY[[Hۘ\ HYXH[H\[ۈو]XX^HY[]H YX\ܚ[[][ۜ\]Y[Y[\H[X[KHY[\]Y[Y[\H[]H[YHH[\[Y[][ۋ]\Y\^\\H[ۛX[ۜ]H\XHZHH\[ۈ[Z[HX\ٝ[[Y[]][ܙH[ NK \[\Y\ۛH [۝ۈZ\[\[]\[Y[[\[X\8'Y[\H[X[H[YZH]^H\H[]K[ˈ[^[Z\XX 8'H]H^Z[ˈ8'^H[Y[[ܙH[KH][[Z[\[HHܛ[\ X\][X[YYXKXXZ\]8&\^HK'H[YHY[Z[\[X^[]H[^\ۛۈ^H[YY][]Z\\Y\[ݙKYX]H[[[H]HZ\\H\]\ˈH\[ۈ8'HݙH] 8'H]H^Z[\\H^Z[H]YHوHX]Y[\ۙ\ˈHY\]^H\HܛY\Y[\X[ PQVSHSH L XY^[KB