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quality time with the children – whether it be doing homework or just hanging around. “There’s that connection, I know how their day was,” Catherine says. Finding a great balance between family, career and everything else hasn’t always been easy, but Catherine has been through much rougher times and has learned how to cope. She dealt with a demotion of sorts during her six-year tenure at Channel 12 in the 1990s, then went to a Los Angeles station and was let go four years into a six-year deal. That’s when Anaya had to collect unemployment – at five months pregnant with her second child – and that led to a deep depression during which she constantly cried and couldn’t even get out of bed for 30 days. More recently, she’s been in a verbally abusive relationship, something about which she plans to write in a future magazine article. “You start listening to everybody and we’re all Photo courtesy of Matthew Strauss. kind of in the same boat,” Anaya said. “We may have different stories, but the underlying themes are really euphoria she felt after that race led to her immediately the same. We’re all kind of feeling pressure, the same wanting to do a full marathon. Not only did she compete needs, the same wants, the same desires. If you talk about in one the next two years in Arizona, but she went on to it, you start empowering each other.” run the Boston Marathon in 2007 and returned to run that As for the career, she hopes to be broadcasting until renowned race the past two years. she’s ‘Larry King’s age’ but has no aspirations to reach She’s able to fit in all the training during the day when the national stage. Catherine wants to keep her family in her kids, 15-year-old Brianna and 9-year-old Christian, are off Arizona and loves being back in the Valley, realizing she at school. Having the kids for half the week following her dihas everything she needs right here... vorce, Anaya moved her residence closer to the CBS 5 studio “It’s not all about the job but what you do with the job so she could make it home during dinner breaks to spend that matters.” 202magazine.com / JULY 2012 / 202 MAGAZINE 27