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Registration Application Showing AOTE YES The American Miniature Horse Association, Inc. 5601 S Interstate 35 W, Alvarado, TX 76009 (817)783-5600 www.amha.org YEAR NO PRINT This form must be printed & signed. FEES For a list of fees, please refer to the current Work Order Form. Section 1 - REGISTRATION APPLICATION - Must be completed in its entirety. NAME: Give 2 choices, not to exceed 35 characters, including spaces - punctuation is not allowed. 1st Choice: Height: Sex: 2nd Choice: Foaling Date Gelded Date Yes, I authorize the AMHA to select a name if the above choices are unavailable or objectionable. LEG MARKINGS Yes, I authorize the AMHA to designate the color as represented by photographs submitted. SELECT ONE COLOR: PLEASE NOTE: If you are filling out this form online, the recognized color choices will appear in the drop down menu. If filling out by hand, please fill in your selection after reviewing the recognized color choices. SOLID APPALOOSA Right Front DAPPLE PINTO Right Hind ROAN PINTALOOSA Left Front DUN OTHER Left Hind HEAD MARKINGS Mane & Tail Color: IF YOU DID NOT OWN BOTH THE MARE AND STALLION AT TIME OF SERVICE REFER TO SECTION 2 BELOW, AFTER COMPLETING THIS SECTION. HEIGHTS OF SIRE AND DAM MUST BE PROVIDED EVEN IF TEMPORARILY REGISTERED. SIRE Reg. Name: Reg. #: Height: DAM Reg. Name: Reg. #: Height: RECORDED Name OWNER(S) OF DAM AT Address TIME OF FOALING: Phone #: City: Country Zip: State: Email As the owner of the dam at the time of foaling, I hereby certify that all information on this registration is true and correct to my personal knowledge, and agree that the Association has the privilege to correct and/or cancel the registration certificate for cause under its rules and regulations. Date: Signature of Owner of Dam at Time of Foaling: X__________________________________________________ S e c t i o n 2 - S E R V I C E / B R E E D E R S C E R T I F I C A T E If you do not own BOTH mare and stallion at time of service complete this section or attach a Service Certificate. No alteration of info in this section is acceptabl e. This is to Certify: Name & Registration # of Stallion Name: Signature of registered owner(s) of Stallion at time of service*: #: Height: This is to Certify: Name & Registration # of Dam Name: X:__________________________________________ Signature of registered owner(s) of Dam at time of service*: #: Height: List Dates of Breeding Season X:__________________________________________ * ALL Signatures Required if joint ownership. Section 3 - OWNERSHIP TRANSFER AND HEIGHT CERTIFICATION The Buyer and Seller MUST complete the following height certification in order for the transfer of ownership to be processed. After registration is completed, I/we hereby transfer the recorded ownership to: Date of Transfer: Name: We certify that the above-named horse was measured on (date): Address: City: State: And the height of the horse was: Country: Phone: Zip: Email: X:___________________________________________________ Signature of seller (owner of dam at time of foaling) X:_________________________________________________________ Signature of buyer X:___________________________________________________ X:_________________________________________________________ Second signature if joint ownership Second signature if joint ownership