2019 Summer Brochure PDHP_Summer_2019_WEB_Final - Page 81

Dance PROGRESSIVE BALLET (Continued) PROGRESSIVE PERFORMANCE DANCE Open Level Ballet + Hip Hop | Ages 10-15 Hip-Hop Ballet | Age 3-6 This is a basic ballet and hip-hop class for students of all levels, experience and ability who are looking to study a fusion of traditional, and contemporary dance with room for creativity. Students build coordination and flexibility while learning new steps and choreography. Min/Max 4/12. SUMMER SESSION | JUN 20-AUG 1 2420107-B Th 4:45-5:40pm $102/122 FULL YEAR | SEP 12-MAY 2 3420107-A Th 4:45-5:40pm $560/580 FALL ONLY | SEP 12-DEC 19 3420107-B Th 4:45-5:40pm $238/258 Ballet for Athletes | Ages 7-13 Supplement elite athletic performance with this class geared towards body awareness and alignment, core strength, flexibility, and balance. Students learn basic ballet exercises and vocabulary to understand and appreciate how the body can be a vital instrument in artistic expression within any arena, field, stage or studio. Min/Max 4/12. SUMMER SESSION | JUN 18-JUL 30 2420108-B Tu 6-6:55pm $102/122 FULL YEAR | SEP 10-MAY 2 3420108-A Tu 6-6:55pm $560/580 FALL ONLY | SEP 10-DEC 17 3420108-B Tu 6-6:55pm $238/258 A little bit of ballet and a little bit of hip-hop! A great high energy class to keep your young dancer’s attention by capturing their natural enthusiasm for music and movement. Age appropriate hip hop music is used. Instructor: Margo Proeh. Min/Max 4/12. SUMMER SESSION | JUN 22-AUG 3 2420204-B Sa 10:55-11:40am $108/128 FULL YEAR | SEP 14-MAY 2 3420204-A Sa 12:20-1:05pm $554/574 FALL ONLY | SEP 14-DEC 21 3420204-B Sa 12:20-1:05pm $252/272 Hip Hop | Ages 5-12 High energy beats and moves get you jumping! Learn the latest moves with focuses on body isolation, attitude, coordination, freestyle movement, and break dance technique. Boys and girls feel the rhythm and get into the groove! Helps improve dance skills as well as promote athleticism. No dance experience required. Min/Max 4/15. SUMMER SESSION-JUN 18-JUL 30 2420104-B Tu 7-7:45pm $76/96 FULL YEAR | SEP 10-MAY 2 3420104-A Tu 7-7:55pm $560/580 FALL ONLY | SEP 10-DEC 17 3420104-B Tu 7-7:55pm $238/258 Pom | Ages 7-14 From fast sharp moves to high energy combinations, learn techniques in motions, jumps, cheer, kick and choreography. A great way to prepare for competitive and/or performance Pom and Cheer teams or just learn some new skills and have fun. Min/Max 4/12. SUMMER SESSION | JUN 17-JUL 29 2420102-B M 7:05-8pm $76/96 FULL YEAR | SEP 9-MAY 2 3420102-A M 7:05-8pm $492/512 FALL ONLY | SEP 9-DEC 16 3420102-B M 7:05-8pm $204/224 Summer 2019 • Park District of Highland Park 81 No class on Sep 30, Oct 9, Nov 11, Nov 25-30, Dec 23-31, Jan 1-4 and 20, Feb 17, Mar 21-28, Apr 10