2019 Summer Brochure PDHP_Summer_2019_WEB_Final - Page 78

After School Programs West Ridge Connection (Busing) Grades K-4 Connect your child’s school day with a West Ridge Center after school program. Children are transported from school to West Ridge Center by District 112 school buses. Students are welcomed off their bus by staff and are provided with a snack, activities, and are then escorted to their program. • This program is available to District 112 students • Children enrolled in West Ridge Connection must be enrolled in an eligible West Ridge Center program (look for programs with the bus icon) • To keep West Ridge Connection running safely and efficiently, registration is not accepted after Friday, August 9, 2019 • Bus transportation portion is not provided on school non- attendance or early dismissal days No busing on school days off or early release days, however there are programs on: Sep 13, Sep 27, Oct 14-15, Nov 8, Nov 11, Nov 25-27, Dec 20, Jan 17, Jan 20, Feb 14, Feb 17, Feb 28, Mar 2, Mar 19-20, Apr 9, Apr 13, May 22, May 29. No busing or Programs on: Sep 30, Oct 9, Nov 28-29, Dec 23-31, Jan 1-3, Mar 23-27, April 10, May 25. **Parents are required to contact District 112 Transportation directly to fill out their approved transportation form. Both West Ridge Center and District 112 need to be notified of your child’s transportation needs. For more information call 847-579-3123. Clay Shop | Grades 1-4 Build skills and self-confidence while learning hand building techniques with clay. No matter your experience, design & make tiles, pots and figures easily. Creations are glazed and fired after imaginations have run wild! All materials are included. Instructor: Chris Plummer & Lori Cohen. Min/Max is 6/10. No programs Sep 30, Dec 23-31, Mar 23. FULL YEAR | SEP 9-MAY 18 3205101-A M 4:15-5:45pm $759/779 FALL ONLY | SEP 9-DEC 16 3205101-B M 4:15-5:45pm $322/342 Invention Convention | Grade 1 FULL YEAR | SEP 9-MAY 29 3441400-A M 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-B Tu 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-C W 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-D Th 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-E F 3:30-4:15pm $429 $455 $442 $442 $429 FALL ONLY | SEP 9-DEC 20 3441400-F M 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-G Tu 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-H W 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-I Th 3:30-4:15pm 3441400-J F 3:30-4:15pm $182 $195 $182 $182 $182 78 After School Variety Children Programs Park District of Highland Park • 847.831.3810 • pdhp.org Step inside; think outside the box! Do what most doers don’t, think up something new. Then, make the new even newer—because we’re creative doers! Children may handle or consume food products. Instructor: Ginny Schwalbach. Min/Max 8/12. No programs Oct 9, Dec 23-31, Jan 1-3, Mar 24-25. FULL YEAR | SEP 10-MAY 27 3557101-A Tu 4:15-5:45pm $875/895 3557101-B W 4:15-5:45pm $825/845 FALL ONLY | SEP 10-DEC 18 3557101-C Tu 4:15-5:45pm $375/395 3557101-D W 4:15-5:45pm $325/345 The Art of Cooking | Grades 2-4 Mix, stir, chop, create! This class will incorporate cooking combined with an art project. Each week is inspired by a new color. A recipe will be made together as a group and eaten before the class ends. A “Lookbook” is sent home at the end of the session with recipes and coordinating art work. Children handle and consume food products in this program. Instructor: Lori Cohen & Belle Kolman. Min/Max 8/14. No programs on Nov 28, Dec 23-31, Jan 1-3, Mar 26. FULL YEAR | SEP 12 - MAY 28 3308122-A Th 4:15-5:45pm $782/802 FALL ONLY | SEP 12 - DEC 19 3308122-B Th 4:15-5:45pm $322/342