2019 Summer Brochure PDHP_Summer_2019_WEB_Final - Page 59

Learn-to-Swim Adult Learn-to-Swim | Adults For those who have had no swimming experience or may have a fear of water. Jun 19 – Jul 17 3773411-A W 6:30-7:30pm $80/95 Jul 24 – Aug 14 3773412-A W 6:30-7:30pm $64/79 Triathlon Open Water Group Training | Adults A safe and fun way to work on your open water swimming skill set. Participants split into groups based on swimming ability. Endurance, sighting, deep water starts, and speed work will all be incorporated into this session. Each weekly training session ends with a short group run, so bring your running gear. Prerequisite: must be able to swim 400 yards continuously. Participants must provide their own wetsuit, goggles, brightly colored swim cap, and Safe Swimmer Float. Location: Rosewood Beach-Lifeguard Building Jun 17-Jul 8 3773441-A M 6:30-7:45pm $100/115 Jul 22-Aug 12 3773442-A M 6:30-7:45pm $100/115 Swim and TRX Cross Training | Adults This program is for athletes seeking a great cross training workout. Each class starts with a swim workout, followed by time in the TRX studio for stretching and strengthening. Jun 18- Jul 9 3773431-A Tu 6:15-8pm $100/115 Jul 16-Aug 13 3773432-A Tu 6:15-8pm $125/140 Water Introduction Program | 6 mo– 3 yrs Swimmers who are too young to begin in the Learn-to- Swim program or not ready to leave mom and dad’s side are encouraged to enroll in our water introduction classes. Children will be eased into water comfortability and begin to gain independence. Parent & Tot Water Orientation Helps babies and toddlers develop swimming readiness. One parent or caregiver must accompany each child in the water. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper and tight-fitting pants over diaper (no disposable or cloth diapers). Jun 15-Jul 7 3773011-A Sa 9:45-10:15am $56/71 3773011-B Su 10:45-11:15am $56/71 Jul 13-Aug 4 3773012-A Sa 9:45-10:15am $56/71 3773012-B Su 10:45-11:15am $56/71 Parent & Tot Water Transition For toddlers who are acclimated to the water but not ready to be without a guardian. Jun 15-Jul 7 3773021-A Sa 10:30am-11am $56/71 3773021-B Su 11:30-Noon $56/71 Jul 13-Aug 4 3773022-A Sa 10:30-11am $56/71 3773022-B Su 11:30am-Noon $56/71 Summer 2019 • Park District of Highland Park 59 Adult Swimming Programs