2019 Summer Brochure PDHP_Summer_2019_WEB_Final - Page 41

Adult Tennis Adult Tennis Leagues 3.0 Drill & Play Sunset Woods Park-Soft Court 3002330-A M 10:45am-12:15pm 3002330-B Tu 9:15-10:45am 3002330-C W 9:15-10:45am 3002330-D Th 9:15-10:45am 3002330-E F 9:15-10:45am 3002330-F F 10:45am-12:15pm Deer Creek Racquet Club (Indoor) 3002330-G Sa 8:30-9:30am Senior Drop-In | Seniors -Over 65 $257/282/308 $257/282/308 $257/282/308 $221/242/264 $257/282/308 $257/282/308 $171/188/206 3.5 Drill & Play Sunset Woods Park-Soft Court 3002335-A M 9:15-10:45am 3002335-C Tu 9:15-10:45am 3002335-E W 9:15-10:45am 3002335-F Th 10:45am-12:15pm 3002335-G F 9:15-10:45am Deer Creek Racquet Club (Indoor) 3002335-B M 6:30-8pm 3002335-D Tu 6:30-8pm 3002335-H Sa 9:30-11am [Level 2.5 & Up] Run by our pros. Jun 17-Aug 4 | Deer Creek Racquet Club (Indoor) M/W/F 3-4:30PM $12/14/16 per day Early Bird Program Call ahead only (one day prior). For players level 3.5 and above who enjoy starting their day playing singles or doubles. Min 3. Jun 17-Aug 4 M-F 7-8:30am $8.50/14 Summer Indoor Permanent Court Time $257/282/308 $257/282/308 $257/282/308 $221/242/264 $257/282/308 Don't let sun, rain, wind, cold, darkness or anything else ruin your tennis! Only $18/hour on weekday mornings/evenings and weekend mornings. $257/282/308 $257/282/308 $257/282/308 4.0 Drill & Play Sunset Woods Park-Soft Court 3002340-A Tu 10:45am-12:15pm $257/282/308 4.5 Drill & Play Deer Creek Racquet Club (Indoor) 3002345-A Th 6:30-8pm $221/242/264 Cardio Tennis | All Levels Enjoy social drills that don’t keep score. A fitness program for all ability levels. A 10-class punch pass is required for Summer Cardio Tennis. Purchase online at pdhp.org 10-Class: $120/150/160 Pricing is member/resident/nonresident Jun 17-Aug 4 Sunset Woods Park-Hard Court W/F 12:30-1:30pm Deer Creek Racquet Club (Indoor) M/Tu/Th 8-9am Larry Fink Memorial Park Sa/Su 7-8am (outdoors only) Adult Skill Evaluation New adults registering for 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 classes must have the Head Pro’s approval before registering for a class. Please call the Front Desk at 847.433.5450 to schedule an evaluation. Summer 2019 • Park District of Highland Park 41 PLEASE NOTE: No class Jul 4