2019 Summer Brochure PDHP_Summer_2019_WEB_Final - Page 33

PLEASE NOTE: No classes Jul 4. Session 1 | Jun 17- Jul 12 Session 2 | Jul 15-Aug 9 Minimum for all classes is 5 participants. Classes may be combined or cancelled if class minimums are not met. Open Gym – Parent/Child Ages 1 ½-6 Wed Fri 10:30-11:30am 10:30-11:30am $6/child $6/child Parent and Tot | Adult/Child, Ages 1½-3 Beginner 1/Beginner 2 | Ages 6-14 Gymnasts work on basic gymnastics skills on all events- learning proper technique and form while improving in a progressive manner. If your gymnast was enrolled in Beginner 1 or Beginner 2 in the Spring Session, this is the class for you! Session 1 3098711-A M 4:15-5:15pm $71/86 3098711-B W 4:15-5:15pm $53/68 Session 2 3098712-A M 4:15-5:15pm $71/86 3098712-B W 4:15-5:15pm $71/86 Beginner toddlers develop large motor skills, receive an introduction to gymnastics equipment, and work alongside their parents to explore our gym! Parents are instructed how to spot and assist their little gymnasts through our obstacle course formatted class. Session 1 3098511-A M 9-9:40am $60/75 3098511-B W 9-9:40am $60/75 3098511-C F 9-9:40am $60/75 Session 2 3098512-A M 9-9:40am $60/75 3098512-B W 9-9:40am $60/75 3098512-C F 9-9:40am $60/75 Advanced Beginner/Intermediate | Ages 6-14 Gymnasts continue to build on the foundation of skills learned in Beginner 1 and 2 with skills becoming progressively harder. Proper form and technique is emphasized, as well as strength, conditioning and flexibility. If your gymnast was enrolled in Advanced Beginner or Intermediate in the Spring Session, this is the class for you! Session 1 3098721-A M 5:15-6:15pm $71/86 3098721-B W 5:15-6:15pm $53/68 Session 2 3098722-A M 5:15-6:15pm $71/86 3098722-B W 5:15-6:15pm $71/86 Preschool/Kindergarten Gymnastics | Ages 4-6 Pre-Team and Competitive Team | Ages 6-14 An independent learning opportunity for young gymnasts to build self-confidence, strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. This class focuses on enhancing basic body movement and using gymnastics equipment. Session 1 3098611-A 3:30-4:15pm $64/79 3098611-B W 9:45-10:30am $64/79 3098611-C 3:30-4:15pm $48/63 3098611-D F 9:45-10:30am $64/79 Session 2 3:30-4:15 pm $64/79 3098612-A 3098612-B W 9:45-10:30am $64/79 3098612-C 3:30-4:15pm $64/79 3098612-D F 9:45-10:30am $64/79 Designed for gymnasts on Pre-Team and Competitive Team. Competitive Team is for gymnasts that will be competing with PDHP in Fall 2019. Head Team Gymnastics Coach approval only. Contact Carol Sassorossi at 847-579-4103 for for more information. Session 1 $112/127 3098811-A Tu 4-6pm 3098811-B Th 4-6pm $112/127 Session 2 3098812-A Tu 4-6pm $112/127 $112/127 3098812-B Th 4-6pm Gymnastics Camp Beginner 1-Intermediate Level Gymnasts entering 1st-5th grades Enjoy a morning of gymnastics, outdoor camp games, and making new friends. Designed for the recreational gymnast who loves gymnastics and wants to improve on floor, uneven bars, balance beam and vault. The day includes group warm ups, small group skill development rotations, introduction to dance, games and snack time. Bring your own snack, water bottle and sun screen every day. Aug 12-16 3098961-A M-F 9am-Noon $250/265 Summer 2019 • Park District of Highland Park 33 GYMNASTICS