2019 Summer Brochure PDHP_Summer_2019_WEB_Final - Page 31

Ice Skating PLEASE NOTE: No classes Jul 4. Session 1 | Jun 17- Jul 12 Session 2 | Jul 15-Aug 9 Minimum for all classes is 5 participants. Classes may be combined or cancelled if class minimums are not met. SUMMER PUBLIC SKATING (Jun 10-Aug 9) Mon Tue Tot I-IV | Ages 4-5 1:45-2:45pm 6-7pm Public Skating Fees Youth [up to age 18] Adult Skate Rental $6 $7 $3 No Public Skate May 13-18 & May 27 (Times and dates are subject to change). Please check our website at pdhp.org for Spring Public Skate Schedule through June 1. SUMMER ICE TIME Jun 10–Aug 9 Mon Freestyle* 3-4:30pm 4:40-6:10pm Tue Freestyle* Learn to Skate Practice** 3-4pm 4-4:30pm Wed Freestyle* Open Hockey 3-4pm 4-5pm Thu (no ice July 4) Freestyle* Learn to Skate Practice** 3-4pm 5:30-6pm *Practice for skaters in the Freestyle levels only unless taking a private lesson. ** Learn to Skate is practice ice for skaters currently enrolled in Centennial Ice Arena’s Learn to Skate classes. SCAN CARDS Public Skating, 10 admissions Skate Rental, 10 admissions Adult Practice, 10 admissions Freestyle, (10) 30 minute admissions (10) 60 minute admissions (10) 90 minute admissions $54 $25 $30 $55 $90 $130 CLASS SKATE RENTALS Class Skate Rental 10 Rentals Scan Card $2 $18 Skate rental is not included in class price. Centennial has limited supply of free loaner helmets and gloves available. Please inquire at the front desk. Basics for beginner figure skaters. Forward and backward skating skills. (Classes will be divided by level on the first day) Session 1 3077111-A Tu 4:50-5:20pm $60/75 3077111-B Th 5-5:30pm $45/60 Session 2 3077112-A Tu 4:50-5:20pm $60/75 3077112-B Th 5-5:30pm $60/75 Parent-Tot | Ages 3-1/2 - 6 Beginner skating skills and play time for parents and children. Session 1 3077911-A Tu 5:20-5:50pm $60/75 Session 2 3077912-A Tu 5:20-5:50pm $60/75 Basic 1-Pre Freeskate Silver | Ages 6-12 Basics for Beginner and Intermediate figure skaters. Forward and backward skating skills. Turns and edges. Crossovers and beginning jumps and spins. Session 1 3077211-A Tu 5:20-6pm $60/75 3077211-B Th 4:50-5:30pm $45/60 Session 2 3077212-A Tu 5:20-6pm $60/75 3077212-B Th 4:50-5:30pm $60/75 Freeskate All Levels | Ages 6 and up Advanced skating skills for those who have passed Pre Freeskate Silver. Jumps, spins, footwork. (Classes will be divided by level on the first day) Session 1 3077311-A Tu 4:40-5:20pm $70/85 3077311-B Th 4-4:40pm $53/68 Session 2 3077312-A Tu 4:40-5:20pm $70/85 3077312-B Th 4-4:40pm $70/85 Adult All Levels | Ages 14 and up Skills will be adjusted to the ability of the students in class. Session 1 3077411-A Tu 5:20-6pm $60/75 Session 2 3077412-A Tu 5:20-6pm $60/75 Summer 2019 • Park District of Highland Park 31 ICE SKATING