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STJFD Corner By: Ryan Kunitzer Fire Marshal | Battalion Chief Did you know that St. John’s Fire District checks and helps install child safety seats? The STJFD has several certified car seat technicians on staff. You can set up an appointment by calling STJFD Headquarters at 843-559-9194 and STJFD technicians will be happy to assist you with installation or answer any questions you may have. On September 26, STJFD units witnessed a vehicle collision on John’s Island. The personnel began to assess the patients and due to the impact of the collision, the driver of one of the vehicles was extricated. In this same vehicle were two children secured in car seats. Before the accident, Lt. Shawn Flanagan (certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Technician) assisted by FF/EMT Rusty Grow, helped caregivers of the vehicle install and properly secure the children in the car seats. The two children in the back seat of the vehicle were uninjured in the collision. Celebrating Continued Kiawah's Annexation/Incorporation Committee was established as a property owner committee of the Kiawah Island Community Associa- tion. In 1986, when KICA abolished property owner committees, the Kiawah Residents Group (KRG), the forerunner of the Kiawah Prop- erty Owners Group (KPOG) became the sponsor for the committee. 1987 In 1987, the Town of Seabrook gained incorporation and as such Kiawah could then petition to annex into the Town of Seabrook. It was understood that Kiawah's annexation petition to Seabrook would be refused, but the law required the formality. 1988 In early 1988, Seabrook turned down our petition as expected. The Annexation/Incorporation Committee became the Committee for Incorporation and established its independence from KRG by soliciting and receiving more than $24K in contributions. In a successful mail campaign, the Incorporation Committee obtained petitions from the necessary 75% majority of property owners which was an essential step by law before an incorporation referendum request could be submitted to the Secretary of State. Following the campaign, a petition was sent to the Secretary of State requesting an incorporation referendum. The Secretary of State appointed an election commission, and the referendum election was held on August 23, 1988. Kiawah's incorporation was approved with 229 voting in favor and 54 against. This election also established the municipality's name, the form of government, terms of offices, type of election, and method of elections. On September 13, 1988, the Incorporation of the Town of Kiawah was certified, and the election commission announced the first Town election for December 6. Pictured below is the first administration with Mayor Bo Turner holding with the official Town charter. Also pictured are Council Members David Hott, Mary "Lib" Melvin, Thomas Nelson, Patrick Welch. Did you know? During the late 1700’s, - mid 1800’s, there were two families who owned Kiawah Island, The Vanderhorsts and the Shoolbreds. The Allee of the Oaks along Flyway Drive (now a bike trail) was the Vanderhorst’s walkway from their house to the ocean. In 1951, C.C. Royal, a lumberman, purchased Kiawah Island for $125,000. In 1954, C.C. Royal developed the first summer home neighborhood on Kiawah along the beach and named the street Eugenia, after his wife. Circa 1955, oceanfront lots on Eugenia Avenue went for $10K A beachfront home sold for $190,000 in 1977. (compared to 4M+ today!) Kiawah is a rare example of a “growing” or accreting barrier island, rather than an erosional one. Betsy Kerrison Parkway was named after the Charleston County councilwoman who worked hard to get the 4-lane roadway built (from River Road to the KI Parkway). Captain Sam’s Inlet has been relocated three times in Kiawah’s history (1983 1996 & 2015). Kiawah's development agreement between the Town and Kiawah Resort Associates was signed in 1994. It was the first ever in South Carolina. 5