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Ad Town Council Quarter In Review In October, Council • Reviewed the Greene, Finney LLP FY 2017/2018 Audit Presentation. • Through the reading of a Proclamation, Mayor Weaver declared the third week of October as "Kiawah Native Plant Week" to recognize the essential value and importance of Kiawah's native plants to the Island's history, landscape and environment. • Approved the Proposal from Kimley-Horn for the Beachwalker Drive Improvements to construct an additional turn lane to Beachwalker County Park. • Approved the Carolina Waste Contract Amendment for the two compactors to be installed at Kestral Court. • Approved the proposal from Watts Builders for the demolition of a residential structure located at 122 Turnberry Street. In November, Council • Reviewed a presentation from Kiawah Island Utility/Southwest Water Company on a proposed rate adjustment. • Approved the 2019 Town Meeting Schedule. • Approved the 2019 Town Contribution to the Employee Health Insurance Premium. • Approved to Amend the Arts and Cultural Events Charter to reflect a change in the leadership structure. • Approved the Town Administrator Salary Adjustment to reflect an approximately 3.9%. increase. • Adopted Action's in Response to the Flood Mitigation and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report. (See article on page 7) • Approved to dismiss without prejudice the Civil Suit against the Former Town Treasurer, Ken Gunnells but no action was taken to dismiss the civil suit against Former Town Administrator Tumiko Rucker. • Reviewed the Financial Statements for First Quarter FY 2018/2019. In December, Council • Approved Deputy Coverage Contract with Charleston County Sheriff's Office (see article below). • Approved the contract for Town Attorney Services with Hampton Green LLC. • Approved the proposal from Sanders Brothers for Cleaning and Inspection of Kiawah Island Parkway Storm Drainage System. Expanded information on any items above are available at www.kiawahisland.org/meetings-minutes/town-council Charitable Grant Applications Charitable Grant Applications are available now at www.kiawahisland.org/latest-news Applications are due Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. 4 Committee Openings The Town of Kiawah has one opening on the Planning Commission Committee and two openings on the Public Safety Committee. All interested parties should send their resume or CV to the Town Clerk Petra Reynolds at preynolds@kiawahisland.org. Planning Commission: primary objectives are to approve plats and make recommendations to the Town Council on planned development, zoning district and map amendments, zoning text amendments, and comprehensive plan updates. Members serve a four-year term. Public Safety Committee: responsible for assisting the Town in meeting its state-mandated responsibilities with regard to maintaining order and law enforcement and to initiate and consider proposals and methods to upgrade and improve public safety on the Island and to manage our beach safety. Members serve a one-year term. Changes to Law Enforcement Approach By: Chris Widuch, Council Member In late 2017, Mayor Weaver convened a task force to take a fresh look at how the Town of Kiawah should provide law enforcement ser- vices. For over a decade, the Town has employed Charleston County Sheriff Deputies to patrol the island in their off hours. These “off duty” deputies have always been and continue to be fully equipped and authorized to provide any and all law enforcement services while present on the island. This approach worked for many years, but with deputies in high de- mand and other communities using this same model, the Town found it increasingly difficult to secure consistent coverage. Covering the day shift has been the most common challenge. Looking out even a few years, the task force concluded that Kiawah, with a growing pop- ulation of both full and part-time residents, along with a new five-star resort and conference center, needed more consistent and focused coverage. After visiting several other resort communities, the task force made two important conclusions. First, creating a local police force is a pro- hibitively expensive option, fraught with management and overhead issues. And second, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is a premier law enforcement organization with capabilities and exper- tise that benefit Kiawah. The recommendation to the Town Council was to work with the CCSO to secure a higher level of deputy cover- age than the CCSO was obligated to provide to a town of Kiawah’s size and incident experience. Starting in March 2019, the CCSO will permanently assign four full time, experienced deputies to Kiawah. These deputies will cover the first shift, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. They will be in fully equipped and in marked vehicles. The Town will compensate the CCSO for this added level of coverage, just as the Town has done with the individual depu- ties. The Town will bear an added cost for startup expenses, with the CCSO committing to cover vacations, sick time, and training absenc- es with additional personnel at no added expense to the Town.