2019 North America Product Catalog Norwex Spring 2019 US Catalog - Page 53

YOUR WORKOUT Advantage Sportzyme Sports equipment, bags and shoes can be stinky. Fast-acting enzymes and biodegradable ingredients break down and eliminate organic residues that cause odors. Lightly spray the entire surface wherever odor is present. Reapply as needed. Size: 243 ml / 8.25 fl. oz. Item #: 600007 $21.99 Sport Towel Our Sport Towel is a must-have for workouts! Highly absorbent and very quick-drying suede microfiber folds down small and fits in its own pouch for easy carrying. Great for travel and camping, too. Hang to dry. Size: 99 cm x 50 cm / 38.98" x 19.69" Item #: 306002 graphite $37.99 Buff AND Shine! Car Wash Mitt Nubby chenille on one side and microfiber on the other gently lift dirt and grime from your car’s exterior. The inner sponge layer means you use less water. Washes out easily with just a quick rinse; perfect for car enthusiasts! Size: 23 cm x 17 cm / 9.06" x 6.69" Item #: 308030 green 3-in-1 Car Mitt It’s like a Window Cloth in a 3-layered mitt! Quickly and gently whisk away dust and dirt from car windows, mirrors, consoles and more. Flip the mitt’s cleverly designed outer and middle layers to reveal fresh microfiber, allowing you to multiply your cleaning power and finish big jobs faster! The mitt’s tight weave makes getting into small areas, nooks and crannies easy. You’ll want one for your home as well as your car! Size: 1  8 cm x 26 cm / 7.1" x 10.23" back Item #: 308034 graphite $24.99 front $26.99 Car Cloth Great for drying and polishing. After washing your car with the Car Wash Mitt, put the finishing touches on the exterior body and chrome. Size: 65 cm x 50 cm / 25.59" x 19.69" Item #: 305100 graphite $25.99 Leather Shine Replace the natural oils in dry leather as you waterproof, moisturize and protect. This unique blend of pure Bee and Carnauba Wax cleans, restores and beautifies leather without harmful chemicals. Great for boots, purses, belts, leather gloves, baseball mitts, saddles or anything made of leather. Includes a sponge applicator so a little goes a long way! Not for use on suede materials. Size: 1  50 ml / 5 oz. Item #: 403510 $33.99 45