2019 North America Product Catalog Norwex Spring 2019 US Catalog - Page 29

BYE, BYE Dirty Dishes Dishwasher Powder and Pods Dishwasher Powder and Pods get all your dishes, glassware, cutlery, plasticware, pots and pans sparkling clean. Convenient, pre-measured Pods clean 30 loads, or choose Powder and clean even more loads when used with the Magnet Ball. Our formula contains plant- and mineral-based ingredients and is phosphate-free, fragrance-free and chlorine bleach-free so it won’t harm the environment or impact waterways. Suitable for all automatic dishwashers. Not recommended for hand dishwashing. Powder Size: 450 g / 15.86 oz. Item #: 600015 Pods Quantity: 30 Item #: 600018 $16.99 $19.99 Rinse Aid Hard water can lead to spotty plates, flatware and glasses, but typical rinse aids can coat your dishes in chemicals. Use our Rinse Aid instead. It rinses away residual mineral deposits, soap and surfactants that may be left behind, so your dishes dry more effectively and emerge clean, shiny and table-ready. And your dishwasher’s heat dry option will perform better too! Biodegradable with plant-based ingredients. Safe for septic systems. Size: 355 ml / 12 fl. oz. Item #: 600017 $14.99 C