2019 North America Product Catalog Norwex Spring 2019 US Catalog - Page 2

TA B LE O F Contents MI CR O F I BE R The Safe Haven 5 Set 4–5 Norwex Microfiber 4–9 Mop Systems and Accessories 10–14 H O U S E HO L D Sustainability Solutions 14–17 Kitchen Solutions 18–25 Laundry, Bedding and Odor Solutions 26–33 Bathroom Solutions 34–35 PERSONAL CARE Body Care Solutions 36–38 Personal Care Microfiber 39–41 FA M I LY Kids’ Products 42–43 Pets, Sports and Car 44–45 OPP O RTU N I TY 2 Product Collections 46–47 Host a Norwex Party 48–49 Join Us! 50–51