2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 83

section 8 Epik Industries supply a range of economy priced products to help with your plumbing build. INDEX Adjustable Spanners 86 Billet Throttle Brackets 86 Fuel Pump Brackets 86 AN Flare Filters 85 Billet P Clips 84 Hose Separators 84 Billet Fuel Pump Block Off 85 Distributor Clamps 85 Thermostat Housings 83 Billet Thermostat Housings Epik Industries thermostat housings are machined from billet aluminium and then anodised in a variety of common colours and supplied with sealing o-rings and stainless steel bolts. Our Epik logo is then laser engraved on the hose tail so it is hidden away once the hose is installed so that your engine bay is not covered in company logos. FORD CLEVELAND FORD CLEVELAND 90° SB FORD (WINDSOR) PART NO. COLOUR PART NO. COLOUR PART NO. COLOUR PART NO. COLOUR EP20-1000-1 Silver EP20-1015-1 Silver EP20-1016-1 Silver EP20-1010-1 Silver EP20-1000-2 Black EP20-1015-2 Black EP20-1016-2 Black EP20-1010-2 Black EP20-1000-3 Red EP20-1015-3 Red EP20-1016-3 Red EP20-1010-3 Red EP20-1000-4 Blue EP20-1015-4 Blue EP20-1016-4 Blue EP20-1010-4 Blue HOLDEN 6 CYLINDER PART NO. EP20-1022-1 EP20-1022-2 COLOUR Silver EP20-1020-1 -20 HOUSING ADAPTER COLOUR PART NO. COLOUR PART NO. COLOUR Silver EP20-1030-1 Silver EP20-1031-1 Silver Black EP20-1031-2 Black Black EP20-1030-2 EP20-1020-3 Red EP20-1030-3 Red EP20-1031-3 Red EP20-1020-4 Blue EP20-1030-4 Blue EP20-1031-4 Blue Black EP20-1020-2 EP20-1022-3 Red EP20-1022-4 Blue MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS -16 HOUSING ADAPTER HOLDEN V8 PART NO. SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 INDUSTRIES SB CHEV, BB CHEV, CHRYSLER TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 83