2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 97

section 10 Blow-Off Valves Blow-Off Valves (continued) Vee-Port Pro Smart Port Technology POWERSPORTS / HIGH PERFORMANCE - BUILDS (UP TO 600 HP) HIGH PERFORMANCE/ OEM UPGRADE (UP TO 600 HP) Originally designed for the Powersports market, the Vee-Port PRO is an ideal Blow-Off Valve for anyone who is short on space, or looking for a low-weight BOV solution. • A full-time vent to atmosphere Blow-Off Valve • A very compact design, perfect for tight to fi t places • A hard anodized aluminium piston for lightness • Very high fl ow ability with a 38mm/1.5in piston • Precision machining and assembly – the piston and valve body are measured to mere fractions of a millimetre, and perfectly matched • Quick release V-band clamp for ease of fabrication and installation The Smart Port is a revolutionary Blow-Off Valve design, combining precision construction with state of the art materials to give unrivalled valve performance. The Smart Port’s unique piston is made from an aerospace alloy with a military-spec coating, ensuring its weight and friction are as low as possible, resulting in quicker valve response, better sealing and superior durability. • Drive-by-wire friendly staging technology, eliminating compressor surge at both low and high RPM while integrating smoothly with the car’s factory engine mapping • A hard-anodised, lightweight, aluminium piston providing better valve response and prolonged piston life • New Smart Port trumpet design which allows the use of a softer spring in the body of the BOV to aid valve response to the plumb back port, while still retaining the ability to vent to atmosphere • The Smart Port is currently available on Type 5 BOVs to suit a wide range of vehicles. PART NO. DESCRIPTION TS-0205-1130 Vee-Port PRO Universal - Blue PART NO. DESCRIPTION TS-0205-1131 Vee-Port PRO Universal - Black TS-0215-1018 Dual Port Subaru WRX 2015-current - Black Power Port SUPERCHARGING, TURBO BYPASS, DIESEL RACING (UP TO 1500 HP) Sometimes bigger is just better. Designed for large capacity supercharged and turbocharged engines, including turbo-diesel engines, the Big Bubba is our largest piston style Blow-Off Valve. • Precision machining and assembly – the piston and valve body are measured to mere fractions of a millimetre, and perfectly matched for high boost applications • Huge 50.8mm/2” inlet and outlet • Hard anodised aluminium piston for light weight • Strong V-band mounting interchangeable with the Race Port BOV Available in two different styles: - Big Bubba - Full time recirculating - Bubba Sonic - Full time vent to atmosphere TS-0204-1202 HIGH LEVEL DRAG RACING FOR TURBO / SUPERCHARGED APPLICATIONS (UP TO 3000+ HP) Turbosmart’s largest and highest fl owing Blow-Off Valve ever. The massive 2.5” inlet, unprecedented valve lift, supersized ports and carefully designed CFD fl ow-paths mean it has more than enough breathing room for even the most powerful turbocharged drag racing engines. Its cutting edge dual-chamber design means it can be held open with the use of a solenoid to aid turbo response and control during staging to give the best possible launch. Also available with a sensor cap, which can be used to log valve position. Supplied With: 1/4” -4AN Nipple, 1/8” NPT Blank, 1/8” NPT Nipple, Profi led Inlet Weld-On Flange (Alloy) and Collar Tool. • • • • • • • Billet 6000 series aluminium, MILSPEC hard anodized valve Quick release V-band collar for ease of installation and removal 2.5” Inlet fl ows over 600 CFM Twin 1/8”NPT port lower chamber for advanced control strategies -4 AN Upper port Collar secured cap for quick spring changes 4”Hg to 20”Hg activation range TS-0204-1302 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. TS-0204-1202 Big Bubba Plumb Back - Black/Silver TS-0207-1001 BLUE Blue Bubba Sonic BOV - Black/Silver TS-0207-1002 BLACK Black TS-0204-1302 TURBOSMART Big Bubba MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 DESCRIPTION TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 97