2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 95

section 10 Turbosmart is a world leading manufacturer in performance accessories including the highest quality blowoff valves, wastegates, boost controllers, gauges, pressure regulators, and hoses for both the track and the street. GEN-V Turbosmart have recently launched the completely new range of GEN-V products so if your looking for External Wastegates and/or Blow-Off Valves look for the logo. The GEN-V range of products have won a total of ten SEMA global media awards between them. SERIES BOOST CONTROL 95 BLOW OFF VALVES 96 FUEL MANAGEMENT 99 Boost Controllers - Electronic 95 Dual Port 98 Adaptors - Fuel rail 99 Boost Controllers - Manual 96 High Performance 96 Regulators 99 eBoost Series 95 Heavy Duty Upgrade 98 Gauges 95 Large Capacity 97 Reference Adaptors 96 OIL PRESSURE 100 Actuators 102 102 Sensor Caps 101 102 Wastegates 100 Regulators & Clamps Boost Control WASTEGATES e-Boost Street - 40psi e-Boost2 is the ultimate boost controller, designed with high performance and racing in mind, it is perfect for the tough conditions of track use, and absolutely untouchable in a street application. e-Boost2 is available in two sizes (60mm and 66mm). With an e-Boost2 you can: • Control six levels of boost, with a maximum boost of 60PSI • Enjoy faster boost response, thanks to Turbosmart’s unique Gate Pressure function, and longer boost duration at high RPM via RPM correction factor • Use Boost on Demand for instant overtaking power • Set a different boost level for each gear, or if you prefer, program boost against time orRPM • Control water spray, methanol, nitrous injection, or just about anything else with e-Boost2’s handy auxiliary outputs • Monitor your boost and RPM with Peak Hold/Max Boost recall • Protect your motor with Overboost Shutdown safety feature Racing technology for the street E-Boost STREET is an electronic boost controller aimed at the street performance market. It features many boost control capabilities found on its big brother the e-Boost2, continuing the e-Boost tradition of providing class- leading boost control, value for money and no nonsense features. New features include 40psi max boost operating pressure and an auxiliary output. PART NO. DESCRIPTION TS-0302-1002 e-Boost Street Mechanical Boost Gauges A Turbosmart mechanical boost pressure gauge is the perfect accompaniment to a Turbosmart manual boost controller. Available in both PSI and bar, Turbosmart’s mechanical boost gauges are a simple and reliable way to monitor boost pressure. PART NO. DESCRIPTION TS-0301-1002 eBoost 2 60mm Boost Controller Black/Silver TS-0301-1003 eBoost 2 60psi 60mm Sleeper TS-0301-1011 eBoost 2 60psi 66mm Sleeper TS-0301-1013 eBoost 2 60psi 66mm Boost Controller Black/Silver TS-0301-1103 eBoost 2 60psi 60mm Sleeper 4 Port TS-0301-2001 eBoost 2 60mm Dash Mounting System TS-0101-2023 TS-0301-2002 eBoost 2 Roll Cage Mount PART NO. TS-0301-2003 eBoost 2 4 Port Solenoid TS-0101-2023 0-30psi 52mm TS-0301-2013 eBoost2 66mm Dash Mounting System TS-0101-2024 Mount Cup 52mm TS-0301-3003 eBoost 2 Solenoid System TS-0101-2025 0-2 Bar 52mm MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 TS-0101-2024 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TURBOSMART e-Boost 2 TS-0101-2025 DESCRIPTION TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 95